Quick Review of KORUIT LOTR Gondor Knight Minifigures!

Review of Koruit Gondor Knight Minifigures

[Updated Dec 18 2018] After a long wait KORUIT finally released
LEGO Style Gondor Knights Minifigures. KORUIT KT1014 was based on Gondor Knights from the Lord of the Rings movies and games. There are 8 minifigures, 4 with heavy armors and 4 with printed armor only. Note that the body printing of heavy armor and non-heavy armor version are different. There are two types of heavy armors, one with faulds and one with stud on the back. Below is the concept art of the Gondor Knights.

KORUIT KT1014 LEGO Gondor Knight

For start, let’s review Gondor Knight with Heavy Armor. The armor with emboss White Tree of Gondor emblem at front and back. There was side printing on the arms as well.

LEGO Gondor Knight

Shiny helmet, armor, weapons. The minifigure had different printing compared to the non-armor version. The archer (XP-108) and captain (XP-109) had the same armor type with a stud on the back.

Gondor Captain (XP-109) who had the same type of armor as archer, which had a stud on the back. The Gondor captain hold a different type of sword compared to man at-arm (XP-107). The captain had the privilege of donning a cape with White Tree emblem.

The sword for the captain.

Close up look of the shield.

Gondor Knight with spear and shield. The man at-arm and the spear man shared the armor type with front and back emboss emblem of White Tree of Gondor, and faulds.

LEGO KORUIT Gondor Knight with Spear and Sheild.

This part of review was published earlier. It’s LEGO Style KORUIT Gondor Knights Minifigures with printed armor in plastic packages.

Gondor Knights with printed armor (XP-103 to XP-106) all came with cap with White Tree emblem. I can’t recall seeing Gondor Knight with this type of armor in the movies or games. They look similar to concept art of Citadel Knight though.

Koruit infantry 2

The minifigure had The White Tree of Gondor printing on the chest. However the style is very different to the heavy armor version of the minifigure.

Shiny helmet with detail carving. If a pair of wings could be added to the helmet, they could be turned into minifigures of Citadel Knight. There were side printing on the arms.

LEGO type Gondor Knight Minifigure

Note that we displayed captain and archers here. At the point of writing previously we didn’t manage to get the men at-arm and the spear-men. The captain held a different sword compared to sword men with shields.

KORUIT Lord of the Rings Gondor Knight

You may order KORUIT LEGO type Gondor Knight minifigures on Aliexpress. Source told us KORUIT made production run of 40,000 minifigures for the Games of Thrones Kingsguard and barely break even. They still had unsold inventory of the GOT Kingsguard. Meanwhile, you could make your order of KORUIT Gondor Knights on Aliexpress while they are still available.

Now enjoy the photos of an army of Gondor Knights! This is what we had wished for years and KORUIT made our dreams came true. If you need a bunch of Orcs and Uruk Hai, you can order them from Aliexpress.


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