Quick Look at Knockoff Squid Game Non-LEGO Minifigures of Unknown Brands

For you who click into this article, we won’t spend time introducing the background of the Netflix survival drama Squid Game. Various unknown brands in China had capitalized the popularity of the show and made LEGO compatible minifigures based on characters in Squid Game. Due to the nature of the drama, it’s impossible for LEGO to release figures on this IP. At the point of writing, at least a dozen brands had released sets and figures on the show.There are so many of them and we purchased couple of them to take a look. The photos in this reviews are courtesy of CK and dracos. You may order Squid Game minifigures from Aliexpress.

No Brands Squid Game Minifigures

No Brand Set No. 101

Brand No. 101 with 7 figures. We got characters 456, 001, 067, 199, 218 and two pink soldiers with weapons.

LEGO Squid Game

Back of the box with instruction to build the tree to play the game Red Light, Green Light.

Lots of weapons given.

The game participants in green track suit. From the left, 001, 218, 067, 199 and 456.

Non LEGO Squid Game Minifigures

White stripes printed on the arm and side of the leg.

Non LEGO Squid Game Minifigures

The creepy doll from Episode 1, playing a game of Red Light, Green Light.

Squid Game Creepy Doll Green Light, Red Light

The tree where the doll stands and turn its head.

LEGO Squid Game Red Light Green Light

How long do the players need to remain frozen?

No Brand Set 82323

This set features scenes from Episode 3, 4 and 7.

Korean Won in 50,000 denomination featuring Shin Saimdang, a woman poet.

Ppogi candy eaten in the game in Episode 3.

For this set, the characters don’t have white strip print at arm and side leg. However two of them had opened up the track suit revealing the white T.

The creepy doll without a skirt and two pink soldiers.

The tug of war in Episode 4 and 5. They are supposed to be in the same team. Obviously the maker didn’t watch the series and rely on snapshot from the drama to design the set.

Non LEGO Squid Game Minifigures

From Episode 7, crossing the bridge made of glass. Player 199 didn’t make it this far. He was cheated by 218 in marble game during Episode 6 and eliminated.

Non LEGO Squid Game Minifigures

From episode 3, playing a game of Ppogi by licking the back of candy and trim away the outline.

Squid Game Ppogi LEGO figure scene

Prize money in transparent piggy bank. In the show it’s 45.6 billion Korean Won, or USD 38 million.

No Brand Set No. 102

This set could be made by the same maker of the set No. 101 earlier. The set is related to game of Ppogi that took place in a playground.

Lots of weapons.

Player 001, 456, 061 and 369. Player 369 is the poor guy who didn’t manage to break the candy in right shape and got killed.

Player 456 and 061 with their honeycomb candy.

The front man and the pink soldiers with square, triangle and round shape on their masks. We keep thinking of Playstation controller seeing those icons.

LEGO Squid Game Front Man and Pink Staff

The pink soldier was unmasked when taken hostage by a player and the front man executed him for revealing his face.

The prize money hanged from the roof. At least they could give us the golden tiles.

From episode 2 in which players are voting to continue or quit the game.

The old man click no. He is the mastermind behind the game and joined as player to enjoy himself. What a sicko!

The playground where the Ppogi game took place.

Getting minifigures from three sets together.

Send her for organ harvest.

Summary on No Brand Squid Game Minifigures

We aren’t surprise the blatant disregarding of the copyright on Squid Game minifigures, as many clone bricks makers had been making sets and figures without authorization for years. All the figures reviewed had acceptable quality while the No. 101 and No. 102 brand had better quality compared to Brand 82323. As for the parts, the quality for three brands are in the lower tier among the China clone bricks. If you want high quality minifigure, suggested that you wait for WM brand. Below are the Squid Game minifigures and sets known so far. You may order Squid Game minifigures and sets from Aliexpress.

This is designed by Mocozone, ex-LEGO Recognized Fan Media that turned rogue and covering Chinese alternative bricks along with LEGO. You could chose LEGO elements or Gobricks parts when ordering from his WeChat store.

There are some many choices of Squid Game minifigures and sets. You may order Squid Game minifigures and sets from Aliexpress.

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