Review of Lepin 05132 UCS Millennium Falcon Fake of LEGO 75192

Finally we got a review on Lepin 05132 UCS Millennium Falcon which is a clone of LEGO 75192. Lepin managed to release this set a month after the launch of the original. First thing the Lepin fans spotted would be extra 1000 pieces of parts compared to the original. Rumor had that would be a display stand but that had been debunked after we finished building the set without the stand . We didn’t compare the manual against the original so couldn’t tell whether Lepin increase the parts count by using small parts for some of the steps. Please support the original whenever you could.

Box of Lepin 05132 UCS Millenium Falcon
Those of you who ordered from Aliexpress would be shipped without the box. Though you may negotiate with the sellers to include the box but that would increase the shipping cost. The box art is a direct copy of LEGO. Lepin 05132_001Lepin 05132_002
Came with four inner boxes. The coke bottle is for size comparison. There is no trolley unlike the original. Lepin 05132_005
The display plate with “Star Plan” wordings. The minifigures were good to keep. Lepin had up the game in their minifigures offering.
Lepin 05132_036.jpg
Building the Lepin UCS MF
There are 17 numbered bags for you to build according to the steps on the manual. However the bag number 6 and 9 were confusing as there is no indication on which number is which.
Lepin 05132_006Lepin 05132_007Lepin 05132_008Lepin 05132_009Lepin 05132_010Lepin 05132_011
Bags Number 11 done! Lepin 05132_013Lepin 05132_014
Bag Number 12 done! Lepin 05132_015Lepin 05132_016
Bags Number 13 done and four more to go. Lepin 05132_017Lepin 05132_018
Number 14 done. Lepin 05132_019Lepin 05132_020
Bag Numbered 15. Lepin 05132_021Lepin 05132_022
Lepin 05132_023
Bag Numbered 16 done. Lepin 05132_024
Coke bottle for comparison. Lepin 05132_025
Lepin UCS MF done! What a way to spend your time. We took five days, on and off to complete the set.Lepin 05132_026View from the front.Lepin 05132_027Lepin 05132_028Lepin 05132_029Lepin 05132_030Lepin 05132_031Lepin 05132_034Lepin 05132_035
The radar disc. There was another build for the Force Awaken version. Lepin 05132_037
Cockpit for the UCS Millennium Falcon. Lepin is generous in creating new molds Lepin 05132_038
Lepin faithfully reproducing the set in identical to the original. Still, this is s a clone and the original is available for sale. You may order Lepin 05132 set from Aliexpress for those of you outside China.



    •’s identical except for the clear blue ribbed tubing used for the engines. The Lego set includes six tubes, but the Lepin set includes twelve shorter tubes which are connected in pairs by a small black technic connector (six of them). You can see them in the photo above. Also the Lepin set doesn’t include the orange Lego brick separator tool. Other than that these sets are exactly the same. The Lepin instructions steps are completely identical to the Lego set, except for 20 pages of Lego-specific content which is absent (the first 16 pages describes the Lego design team, and the last 4 pages is the Lego parts list). Lepin did reduce the pagecount of the instruction manual by putting more steps per page, but it’s still a large book at 312 pages total. You can download the Lego manual from their website. I did so and verified that every step was exactly the same for lepin’s.


  1. Hello,

    I just build it, and i took some time to actually count brick used to build it in building instructions book. Took me 2 hours. Used Lepin building instructions book. I just count bricks, no stickers and no minifigs. It came out with 7425 bricks. Add minifigs you are around Lego count. My belief is that 8445 is just misprint from the start and everybody just use it.

    After the build is complete i’m left with 156 spare bricks.



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