KORUIT Game of Thrones Kingsguard Minifigures Review

KORUIT is a new brand which focus on designing Lego type minifigures while outsourcing the manufacturing to DLP (Duo Lepin), the factory owned by Sheng Yuan’s brother. After releasing Ewok minifigures they brought us Kingsguard minifigures from the Game of Thrones.

Koruit Kingsguard1.jpg

Thanks to the top notch quality of minifigures supplied by DLP, KORUIT Kingsguard could be counted as the best minifigures so far among all the available Game of Thrones minifigures. So far only four characters being released. Still, one could easily swapped the head and hair pieces from own stocks and create own characters.

KORUIT Kingsguard of Game of Thrones. Each characters came with own hair piece. Each head had two expressions.

Game of Thrones Koruit Kingsguard Minifigures

Highly detailed molded armor pieces. And high quality printing by DLP. This is Jaime Lannister.

Koruit Jaime Lannister Kingsguard Minifigure

Meryn Trant. Notice the arm is in two pieces. This is the dual plastic molding technique used by both DLP and Sheng Yuan in some of their minifigures. Only Xinh and Decool managed to offer Lego style dual plastic injection for their minifigures.

Game of Thrones Koruit Minifigures Meryn Trant

View from the top.

Koruit Kingsguard5

All the Kingsguard minifigures had the same design underneath the armor. Koruit Kingsguard6

Side, front, back view. Koruit Kingsguard7

For less than USD1.00 you could get a Kingsguard Minifigure with molded armor. Look at the emboss lines and carving!

Koruit Kingsguard8

Basically you can raise an army of Kingsguard. Who cares about the faces? If you hate Jaime you can always swap with another face.

Game of Thrones Koruit Kingsguard Minifigures

Some scenes created using Mcfarlane Iron Throne Room. Jaime Lannister stood beside the empty throne. His bastard son Joffrey probaby dead.

Koruit Iron Throne1

The throne belonged to Robert, don’t come near!

Koruit Iron Throne2

Who shall be the next to claim the throne? Anyone?

Koruit Iron Throne3

After killing the mad king, Jaime enjoyed a brief moment placing his butt on the not so comfortable iron throne.

Koruit Iron Throne4

This is the best Game of Thrones Kingsguard minifigures so far and you don’t need to pay hefty third party minifig price for it. Order KORUIT Kingsguard minifigures from Aliexpress. Meanwhile you could read other GOT minifigures reviews below.
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