Review of LEPIN 20087 McLaren P1 Hypercar 1:8

Before we began this review , please note that this is LEGO MOC of McLaren P1 Hypercar by Bruno Jenson (brunojj1) which LEPIN stole the design. If you’re planning to get LEPIN 20087 , do pay for the design at brunojj1 rebrickable page. At least the designer would get something for his hard work.

LEPIN 20087 McLaren P1 Hypercar Review

The box of LEPIN 20087 with wording LEPIN Technician. It listed 3725 pieces of parts.
Lepin 20087_001

Side of the box. Lepin 20087_002
Back of the box.
Lepin 20087_003

The inner box followed the design of LEGO Porsche and Bugatti sets. Five small boxes with parts inside and four tire rims slotted at the side. The middle compartment is for the instruction manual. Lepin 20087_004Lepin 20087_005

Thick instruction manual with 195 pages and 806 steps. Lepin 20087_006

There are 73 bags of parts plus one bag of “spare parts”.

Lepin 20087_008 Printed parts. Lepin 20087_007
Building in progress. Make sure you check the movement of the gears are smooth before you proceed to the next steps. LEPIN technics parts aren’t as good as LEGO.
Lepin 20087_009Lepin 20087_010
Side wheel with connection to steering wheel.
Lepin 20087_011Lepin 20087_012Lepin 20087_013Lepin 20087_014Lepin 20087_015
Printed part of logo of McLaren.Lepin 20087_016
At this point, the overall size is similar to LEGO Bugatti.
Lepin 20087_017Lepin 20087_018Lepin 20087_019
3.8L V8 engine.
Lepin 20087_020Lepin 20087_021

Slowly the outline of the McLaren started to take shape.

Lepin 20087_022Lepin 20087_023Lepin 20087_024Lepin 20087_025Butterfly doors that slide upward while you turn the gearing.
Lepin 20087_026Lepin 20087_027Lepin 20087_028Lepin 20087_029
LEPIN Mclaren P1 completed.
Lepin 20087_030Lepin 20087_031Lepin 20087_032

There are changes in exhaust pipes compared to the original design. Lepin 20087_033Lepin 20087_034Lepin 20087_041
Comparison with the original. LEPIN on the left, original MOC on the right.
Lepin 20087_035

Original MOC on the left, LEPIN on the right.
Lepin 20087_036

LEPIN had made some modification in the design to the V8 engine and exhaust piping. Other than that, the gearing did work for the steering wheel, butterfly doors and retractable spoilers. Is this worth getting? If you want to save money on brick linking LEGO parts, and don’t mind minor change in design, this is for you. You may order LEPIN 20087 McLaren P1 from Aliexpress.  Beside that, do pay for the instruction at brunojj1 rebrickable page. At least brunojj1 would get some compensation for this. LEGO don’t design this so it doesn’t matter whether you use LEGO or LEPIN parts. Thank you for reading our review.


  1. Wow, didn’t know about the whole history of this built and found this article from a sell listing for the Lepin version. Didn’t know it wasn’t even a Lego design but a rip of a MOC built instead, so terrible.


  2. “LEGO don’t design this soit doesn’t matter whether you use LEGO or LEPIN parts.”
    Biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard. Even if you buy second hand LEGO, you still give LEGO money (though indirectly).


  3. Don’t feel too sorry for the designer, he paid McLaren zero for their design he used and makes money from. His excuse, well Lego and Lepin make millions and he doesn’t. Not much of a defence really. I agree to buy his instructions, but don’t fall for the full sob story.


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