Review of Lepin 16060 Hogwarts Castle Bootleg of LEGO 71043

Review on LEPIN 16060 Hogwarts Castle Bootleg of LEGO 71043
This was a review on Lepin Hogwart Castle set cloned by infamous bootlegger Lepin. According to numerous source, this would be the second largest set based on the bricks count, however Lepin do release sets that had higher parts count that stolen from fan designs. The photos were courtesy of CK.

There were lots of photos in this review so do bear with us. First there was this big box with inflated part counts of 6742 pieces vs LEGO own 6020 pieces. There were 37 numbered bags, two bags for rock panels and three bags for spare parts.
Lepin 16060 Hogwarts Castle BoxLepin 16060_002Lepin 16060_003

The manual were condensed into two booklets. Lepin 16060_004

The stickers had deeper tan color compared to the tan parts. Lepin 16060_005
The minifigures and the micro-figures.
The four founders of the Hogwarts, Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Salazar Slytherin, and Rowena Ravenclaw. Unfortunately, all their hair pieces had been swapped. Lepin just don’t want to spend money on producing new molds.  The founders could be display on a stand with their respective crests.
Lepin 16060 Hogwarts Castle Four Founders
The female figures had the new dress pieces. Lepin 16060_029
Micro-figures facial printing were off for some of them. Lepin 16060_030Lepin 16060 Micro-figuresLepin 16060_032Lepin Hogwarts Castle Micro-figures
Four different colors of wand to choose.
Lepin 16060_071

Building the first section of the castle.
Lepin 16060_007Lepin 16060_008Lepin 16060_009
The green snake wasn’t the one LEGO used. LEPIN used different snake, how dishonest!
Lepin 16060_010
The flames were different to the original. Either you live with it or bricklink the parts.
Lepin 16060_011Lepin 16060_012

Lots of repetitive builds here.  Lepin 16060_014Lepin 16060_015Lepin 16060_016Lepin 16060_018
For the second booklet and the remaining build of the castle.

Lepin 16060_019Lepin 16060_020Lepin 16060_021Lepin 16060_023

Second section was done and time to join with first section. Lepin 16060_026
The completed LEPIN 16060 Hogwarts Castle.
Lepin 16060_027
The boats that students ride to reach the boat house.
Lepin 16060_034

Hagrid’s hut.Lepin 16060_035Lepin 16060_036

Whomping WillowLepin 16060_037

Magnificent view of the brick build version of the Hogwarts Castle. There were lots of photos for you to enjoy. Suggested that you read in WIFI environment to conserve mobile data. Lepin 16060 Hogwarts CastleLepin 16060_040
The boat house.Lepin 16060_041Lepin 16060_042Lepin 16060_043Lepin 16060_044Lepin 16060_045Lepin 16060_046Lepin 16060_047

Colorful stained glass wall. Lepin 16060_048

Hungarian Horntail dargon perching on the steeple. Lepin 16060_049Lepin 16060_050

Snape’s potions classroom.

Lepin 16060_051Lepin 16060_052Lepin 16060_053

The Mirror of ErisedLepin 16060_054Lepin 16060_055Lepin 16060_056Lepin 16060_057

Dolores Umbridge’s office in pink. Lepin 16060_058Defense Against the Dark Arts classroomLepin 16060_059

Entrance to the Chamber of Secrets.Lepin 16060_060

Moving staircasesLepin 16060_061

Moaning Myrtle in girl’s bathroom. Lepin 16060_062Lepin 16060_063

Dumbledore’s office.Lepin 16060_064Lepin 16060_065

Voldemort would be very unhappy to see his pet snake swapped. Lepin 16060_066Lepin 16060_067

The interior of the Great Hall with banners and rows of tables. Lepin 16060_068Lepin 16060_069

Leftover parts. Lepin 16060_070

Dementors and other micro-figures. Lepin 16060_072

LEPIN 16060 Hogwarts Castle with all the minifigures and micro-figures. Lepin 16060 Hogwarts Castle

The conclusion was LEPIN was dishonest in its claim that no parts were swapped/changed. Some parts were a bit loose though it didn’t affect the overall build. Those who chose to buy LEPIN would probably overlook the weakness thanks to cheaper pricing. You may order LEPIN 16060 from Aliexpress. Please do get the original from LEGO if possible.

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  1. […] This is the third Harry Potter set that Lepin cloned from Lego. We reviewed Lepin 16012 Diagon Alley which was the first set. The second set was Lepin 16029 Hogwarts Castle based on Lego 5378 released back in 2007.  As for Lepin 16030, it was a cloned of Lego 4842 which was retired since 2012. Lepin 16030 Hogwarts Castle came with 1340 parts and nine minifigures, including two Demantor. [Update: As for micro-figure scale LEPIN 16060 Hogwarts Castle, read the review here.] […]


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