Review of Lepin 05083 Redemption Nebulon-B Escort Frigate


There is no shortage of MOC designer that Lepin could steal the ideas from. Lepin 05083 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate is a direct rip-off of LDiEgo submission to Lego Ideas. The project failed to achieve 10,000 supporters, but LDiEgo is kind to share the LDD file so the fans could build it themselves. That create opportunity for Lepin to steal the work and release the set as commercial piece.

The box of Lepin 05083, front and back.

Lepin 05083 came with 1736 pieces of parts, 6 minifigures and a medical droid. The parts are sorted in 7 batches of Numbered bags which corresponded to the instruction manual. Also there is a bag for minifigures and another bag for replacement parts.

Building in progress….


Pressing a bit hard and it would fall apart. 1314

Building the middle section, some kind of connecting bridge.



Mini Millennium Falcon.




Han Solo chit chatting with Leia.


The rest of the minifigures. 26

Close up photos:

28Lepin 05083 Redemption Nebulon-B Escort FrigateLepin 05083 Redemption Nebulon-B Escort Frigate

To be frank this is not recommended for inexperience builder. The overall structure is very fragile and it would be best to Kragle it! Though some builders would balk at idea of super gluing the work but it is necessary to make the Nebulon-B Escort Frigate stayed in one piece. You may order Lepin 05083 from Aliexpress.


  1. Hi,

    thanks for sharing your review of the Nebulon Frigate. I am just curious how you managed the step 85? Somehow I am stuck at this point because of the upper studs colliding with the top part while trying to get the pins stuck in.




  2. Stage 85 is a real B******D.
    I get the feeling that whoever designed the build did not actually build it.

    This stage can only be achieved with substantial force and total determination, i.e. to simultaneously get the pins in the main support and connect the 2×2 bricks. This took quite a while, as various attempts lead to the inevitable explosion of parts flying everywhere on a couple of occasions. definitely not to lego standard.but parts were ok quality.

    The general fragility of the build was very frustrating, as peripheral parts and sometimes sections, kept coming off, i confess i had to resort to super glue in some instances.

    In my opinion this model needs to be to a larger scale so that you get more rigidity.

    anyway i will soldier on



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