Upcoming KORUIT Gondor Soldier Minifigures

[Update Dec 11 2018] KORUIT Gondor Soldier Minifigures are out! Read the review on KORUIT Gondor Knight Minifigures!

Fans of the Lord of the Rings long to have minifigures of the Gondor army in LEGO form. However, the Danish brick failed to make any Gondor soldiers during the run of its LOTR sets. There were various third parties who created Gondor army minifigures with exorbitant price offering. LOTR fans shall rejoice as KORUIT will produce Gondor soldiers in LEGO minifigure form. As per the time of this writing, KORUIT run into some problem in making its minifigure. Previously KORUIT focus on designs while outsourced the production to DuoLepin (DLP), a sister company of Sembo. This time around they decided to make their own minifigures instead of outsourcing the production.

These are the concept arts of the Gondor army with spear man, swordsman and archer.
Gondor SpearmanGondor Sword mangondor archer

Following photos are prototypes and test run batches of minifigures and accessories. Though the initial plan was to release the Gondor army in mid October 2018, the release date had been pushed further til further notice.

The helmet with carvings, armor with White Tree of Gondor emblem. The body is from House of Stark army which Koruit released earlier.
Gondor soldierGondor helmetGondor armour
The bow for Gondor archer. The body is from KORUIT Dragon Ball series.Gondor bow
The arrow sack.Gondor arrow bag
The long sword.

Gondor sword

You could read my reviews of KORUIT Game of Thrones Kingsguard minifigures. Hopefully KORUIT could resolve the production woes and release the Gondor army for us. You could order KORUIT Kingsguard and House of Stark army in Aliexpress.


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