Reviews of WM Brand WM6116 Non-LEGO Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Minifigures

This is the second sets of Demon Slayer minifigures that we reviewed. There are many makers of Demon Slayer minifigures but we reckon this is the best so far. The anime is so popular that the theme song “Gurenge” was featured during Tokyo Olympic closing ceremony. Demon Slayer has grown into one of the biggest anime and manga franchises in the world. Do take not the minifigures are made without licensing from Shueisha by WM Brand in China. The photos in this reviews are courtesy of BBJ and CK. You may order the WM6116 Demon Slayer minifigures from Aliexpress.

The minifigures are packed in small plastic packet.

WM2171 Tanjiro Kamado 竈門 炭治郎

Tanjiro is the main protagonist in the anime. The minifigure is printed with green checkered haori over the brown Demon Slayer corps uniform. There is only one facial expression for Tanjiro with Demon Slayer Mark (Kitsatsu Agi) on the left forehead. The hair piece is newly created by WM.

WM2171 Tanjiro Kamado 竈門 炭治郎

The arms, legs and body are printed.

The haori print didn’t aligned well with the ones on the side of the legs.

The facial expression is printed slightly lower.

Tanjiro and his Nichirin Blade.

LEGO Tanjiro Kamado 竈門 炭治郎 and Nichirin Blade

WM2172 Nezuko Kamado 竈門 禰豆子

Nezuko is the younger sister of Tanjiro Kamado who turned into a demon by Muzan Kibutsuji. Probably you would buy multiple of Nezuko figure. The hair piece and bamboo gag are specially created for her. She spotted with a brown haori and pink kimono.

WM2172 Nezuko Kamado 竈門 禰豆子

The flame orange long hair is painted over a black base.

Nezuko is so cute! The arm, body and legs are all printed.

LEGO Nezuko Kamado 竈門 禰豆子

The hair piece and the bamboo gag.

This is how you assemble the hair piece.

Tanjiro and Nezuko.

LEGO Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado

WM2173 Giyu Tomioka 冨岡 義勇

Giyu Tomioka is the Water Hashira (Mizu Bashira) of the Demon Slayer Corps. WM gave him a unique hair piece. The figure had single facial expression only. The haori was printed red on the right and geometrically patterned with squares of green, orange and yellow. The haori was wore over the grey Demon Slayer Corps uniform.

WM2173 Giyu Tomioka 冨岡 義勇

The pony tail is inserted to the hair piece.

The haori patterns on the body didn’t aligned well with the side of the legs though it’s not obvious.

Giyu’s Nichirin blade with あっめっさつ Akki Messatsu engraved.

A black scabbard with yellow end.

LEGO Giyu Tomioka 冨岡 義勇

WM2174 Shinobu Kochu 胡蝶 しのぶ

Shinobu is Insect Hashira (Mushi Bashira). The hair piece with purple gradient is unique molded piece. The head came with single facial expression and the eyes lack pupils with gradient purple. A white haori with butterfly wing pattern and purple uniform with gold buttons is printed on the arms, body and legs.

WM2174  Shinobu Kochu 胡蝶 しのぶ

The butterfly ornament is pinned to the hair separately.

The butterfly wings are from LEGO minifigure, just to have fun!

The butterfly wing is not included!

A black scabbard with orange end.

LEGO Shinobu Kochu 胡蝶 しのぶ

WM2175 Rengoku Kyojuro 煉獄 杏寿郎

Kyojuro Rengoku is the Flame Hashira (En Bashira) who died in the Mugen Train movie. Many of you who watched the movie would have cried over his passing. WM had a unique hair piece of bright yellow hair and red streaks. He came with two facial expression.

WM2175 Rengoku Kyojuro 煉獄 杏寿郎

The other expression showing injured face and Kyojuro had lost an eye during fight against Akaza.

There is a small piece of hair which you need to pin yourself.

The body with printing of white haori with red flame. A cloth piece would be more suitable for Kyojuro’s signature flame patterned haori.

Kyojuro holding a Nichirin Katana with words あっめっさつ Akki Messatsu (Destroy Demons)

LEGO Rengoku Kyojuro 煉獄 杏寿郎

A white scabbard with red tip.

LEGO Rengoku Kyojuro 煉獄 杏寿郎 Mugen Train

WM2176 Akaza 猗窝座

Akaza is a demon holding the position of Upper Rank Three (Jogen no San) within the Twelve Kizuki. WM given him a newly molded hair piece in red.

 WM2176 Akaza 猗窝座

The arm, legs and body are printed. There is visible gap between the front and side body print. Do let us know if your Azaka minifigure had the same problem.

The eyes with the words (じょう) (げん) and signifying Azaka’s position in Twelve Kizuki.

LEGO Akaza 猗窝座

WM2177 Zenitsu Agatsuma 我妻善逸

Zenitsu Agatsuma is one of the main protagonists and travel companion of Tanjiro and Nezuko. A newbie in Demon Slayer Corps who only able to use the first form of the Thunder Breathing. The future husband of Nezuko (she deserved someone better). The hairpiece is unique to him with yellow and orange ends. The yellow triangle patterned haori is printed over dark brown uniform. Zenitsu had two facial expression. Below is the sleeping expression during unconscious combat.

WM2177 Zenitsu Agatsuma 我妻善逸

The cowardly expression.

Zenitsu held his Nichirin Katana while fighting in sleep.

LEGO Zenitsu Agatsuma 我妻善逸 Thunder Breathing
LEGO Zenitsu Agatsuma 我妻善逸

WM2178 Inosuke Hashibira 嘴平伊之助

Inosuke Hashibira is a newbie in Demon Slayer Corps who was raised by boar. WM had a unique head piece of boar helmet created for him. There is detail printing of muscles on the body and arms. The waist had the animal fur printing and blue baggy hakama pants for legs.

WM2178 Inosuke Hashibira 嘴平伊之助

Inosuke wielded dual Nichirin Katana.

No scabbard for Inosuke.

LEGO Inosuke Hashibira Beast Breathing Method

Close up look at the boar helmet, which is hollowed out head of Inosuke’s late adoptive boar mother.

LEGO Inosuke Hasibira Beast Breathing Boar Head

Beneath the boar head spotted a handsome face. There is no hair piece included so we borrowed Giyu’s hair piece. You could use long hair piece for him.

WM2178 Inosuke Hashibira 嘴平伊之助

Close Look at Nichirin Katana

The Nichirin blades are unique to each character and WM had to mold them separately. The blade and the handle are in two pieces. This is Nichirin blade belongs to Shinobu. Notice it only had the characters 滅殺.

Shinobu Kochu's Nichirin Blade

The blade had to be joined into the handle and it’s very tight. Do this carefully or you might snap the piece. This is Giyu’s blade.

Giyu Tomioko Nichirin Blade

Trim the connector pin a bit to make it easier.

Giyu Tomioko Nichirin Blade

A scabbard is included but don’t try to force it into minifigure’s hand. The hand would have white stress mark. Also it’s quite tight to insert and draw out the katana. This is Kyojuro’s blade with white scabbard.

惡あっ鬼き滅めっ殺さつ Akki Messatsu on Rengkoku Kyojuro's Nichirin Katana

Kyojuro and Zenitsu’s blades.

Nichirin Blade of Rengkoku Kyojuro and Zenitsu Agatsuma

The kanji あっめっさつ Akki Messatsu (Destroy Demon) printed on the blade belongs to Hashira rank of Demon Slayer.

惡あっ鬼き滅めっ殺さつ Akki Messatsu on LEGO Nichirin Katana
Non LEGO Nichirin Katana

All the minifigures from WM6116 series.

WM6116 Non LEGO Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Minifigures
World Minifigures WM6116 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Minifigures

Summary of WM6116 Non LEGO Demon Slayer Minifigures

WM6116 Non LEGO Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Minifigures

This is the best non LEGO minifigures of Demon Slayer that we could get right now. WM brand had created new molding for WM6116 Demon Slayer minifigures to replicate the look in the anime. The Nichirin Katana alone are worthy for the price you paid. We like the Nezuko figure the best among the offerings. There are flaws such as blemish and misaligned printing but given the price, we could overlook them. The left arms are loose for all the figures we got. Something WM shall look into for future release. You may order the WM6116 Demon Slayer minifigures from Aliexpress.

Separately you could check out our reviews on POGO PG8291 Demon Slayer Minfigures. However we recommend WM brand over POGO.

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  1. Ahhhhh! There’s a Daily Bugle as background? Did you make a review of it? Is it original or Knock off? There’s a Knockoff being selled on AE, I would love to know if it is of a good quality or not.


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