Reviews on Sembo 601095 601096 Hong Kong City Street View

Sembo is one of the China clone brick brands that is very creative. For Set 601095 and 601096, it covers Hong Kong Street theme with a retro look from 80-90s. At the same time, the set is kind of unique in its own way. We would said this is “experimental” set from Sembo. Literally you are getting just the facade of the buildings. We can’t recall Sembo had produced medium size building sets with this shallow interior before. Even the sets from LEGO City theme is at least 6-8 studs deep for the interior. For Hong Kong City View, the interior is just 4 studs deep. Hong Kong is one of the world most densely populated city with 6,659 people per square kilometer. We have to take our hats off to the designers for reflecting how cramp the Hong Kong is. You may order Sembo 601095 and 601096 Hong Kong Street View from Aliexpress. Photos in this reviews are courtesy of CK.

SEMBO 601095 601096 Hong Kong City Street View

Open Box of Sembo 601095 and 601096 Hong Kong Street View

Because this reviews covers two sets, we would have the open box for both 601095 and 601096 together.

Sembo 601095 Set

First up Sembo 601095, with 570 parts and recommended age of 6 and up. The lighting kit is included as well. The building are two in one with orange and green front.

SEMBO 601095 Hong Kong City Street View

Back of the box showcasing the way you could add two sets together to form a street.

Inner box with lots of space.

Instruction manual for Sembo 601095.

The parts are presorted into two Numbering bags, one bag for common parts and a bag for minifigures.

Stickers for the shop signs and various signage.

Quick Look at Sembo 601095

The ground floor with a wanton noodle shop and egg waffle stall. Other shops on the second floor. The set had 5 minifigures including a police constable. Normally we don’t get to see police man included in street modular set.

The building is three stories in height.

Each floor housed a different shop. Majority of them related to food.

SEMBO 601095 Hong Kong City Street View

Sembo 601096 Set

Sembo 601096 had 552 parts and lighting kit.

SEMBO 601096 Hong Kong City Street View

Back of the box is similar to set 601095.

Lots of empty space in the inner box.

Instruction manual.

There are two Numbering bags and one bag for common parts. The minifigures are packed separately.

Stickers had the Hong Kong feel with traditional Chinese characters and wording.

Quick Look at Sembo 601096

The 7-11 convenient stores is every where in Hong Kong with over 900 stores. The store next door is selling fake shark fin soup. The set had 5 minifigures.

Three floors of different shops selling stuff related to food.

SEMBO 601096 Hong Kong City Street View

Minifigures of Sembo 601095 601096 Hong Kong Street View

We will take a look at male minifigures. Beside the police man, the other 4 are citizens. They had simple print on the body. The police man is true to the look of the Hong Kong Police force, with blue uniform and walkies talkie on the shoulder. Sembo didn’t print the police emblem on the hat though.

Next are female minifigures. One of the them is 7-11 employee and the other 3 are normal pedestrian.

Detail Look at Sembo 601095 601096 Hong Kong Street View

There are four buildings with different colors and distinctive look when you combined set 601095 and 601096 together. They have the typical look of Hong Kong street with lots of signage. Most of the shops featured in the sets had something to do with foods.

SEMBO 601095 601096 Hong Kong City Street View
LEGO Hong Kong Street Modular MOC

If you have been to Hong Kong, you will get to see the neon light sign board hanging over at the side of the building. They became a hazard during typhoon season.

Satellite dish and antenna which are relic from 80s.

Many advertisement illegally pasted on the wall with contacts for room rental, tuition and other services.

You only get 3 to 4 studs deep so there isn’t much room to decorate the interior. The wiring is for the lighting kit.

Nathan Road is is the main thoroughfare in Kowloon, Hong Kong that goes in a south–north direction from Tsim Sha Tsui to Sham Shui Po. Total length of Nathan Road is 3.6 km.

LEGO Nathan Road Sembo

Wanton noodle which is comfort food for many Hong Konger. The price is HKD 20 per bowl, which couldn’t be found any more in HK due to inflation.

A sign indicating Ricoh Camera store at 3rd floor. Does anyone even remember Ricoh camera these days? A stall selling egg waffle with blue and white awning.

LEGO Egg Waffle

The egg waffle stall with a stove. The hawker barely had a place to stand.

The convenient stall 7-11 with modified logo to avoid trademark issue. The soft drink cans are printed. The sign 12B is the stop for mini bus.

Sembo 7-11 Hong Kong Street

The stall selling fake shark fin soup.

No real shark being used to prepare the soup, that’s why it’s called fake shark fin soup. Lots of stickers advertising places to rent.

LEGO Shark fin soup

Many neon light signage which is one of the feature of Nathan road. Never mind if you don’t read Chinese, these facade can be incorporate into your modular street as China Town.

With lighting on.

The two Hong Kong Street View sets could fit nicely on a 32 x 32 LEGO road plate. This setup closely resemble the look in real life with narrow walk way on the ground floor.

This is how they look if being placed in 90 degree to each others.

SEMBO 601095 601096 Hong Kong City Street View

Adding minifigures and you had a street busting with activities. Anyone carry umbrella? Police is watching.

SEMBO 601095 601096 Hong Kong City Street View

Summary of SEMBO 601095 601096 Hong Kong City Street View

SEMBO 601095 and 601096 managed to bring up the feel and look of retro Hong Kong street scene through elaborate usage of stickers. Otherwise the sets would be very boring without those Chinese characters. The sets is 6 studs deep with 3 to 4 studs for interior and 2 studs as walk way. The set had a great look as a facade minus the interior. It’s up to individual whether they could accept the look of the street with narrow width. The brick wise are Sembo own production with good quality and tight clutches. SEMBO uses Gobricks selectively for some of their premium sets. The sets are highly recommended for those who wanted Asian looking street view and don’t mind shallow interior of the building. You may order Sembo 601095 and 601096 Hong Kong Street View from Aliexpress. Below is street scene created with additional minifigures and vehicles. You could check out past reviews on SEMBO brand sets.

SEMBO 601095 601096 Hong Kong City Street View LEGO Modular

Hong Kong had gone through a lot for last few years for those who followed the news. The sets shown a scene reminiscence the bygone era of Hong Kong when it was one of the four Asian Tigers. Those days where the canto pop and kung fu movies were the craze. We can’t help to feel sad looking at the Hong Kong Street View sets as the Hong Kong is slowly losing its shine. Wishing a better tomorrow for Hong Kong!


  1. Hi there,

    with your permission, I’d like to translate it to german in the following days. Of course you will be named as source and CK.

    Great work, I need to order this sets as a douzen to make modulars out of it. They will be very nice company for the Urban Village from Xingbao.

    We need far more modern Asian buildings!


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