Reviews on UrGe 10189 Central Perk Big Bang Theory Modular Unauthorized LEGO MOC 34463

This modular set would appeal to sitcom fans in which you are getting two-in-one for this UrGe 10189 set. The modular is a combination of LEGO Central Perk (21319) and Big Bang Theory (21302) by Berthil van Beek aka BrickPolis. The instruction can be found free on Rebrickable however we urge you to make donation to Berthil because UrGe is not paying for his design. Hopefully UrGe will do the right thing like Mould King whom had paid Berthil for his Botanical Garden design. We heard Mould King paid him the amount that’s enough to buy a few LEGO Street Modular for the next few years, no where near the IDEAS profit sharing. Nevertheless it’s a token of appreciation to MOC designer and we wish more Chinese clone maker could do the same.

The photos in this reviews is courtesy of Xiaoyujie.

Open Box of UrGe 10189 Friend Apartment

The UrGe Friend Apartment came with 4638 parts, though we don’t count them as the listed part numbers are often misleading. The recommended age is 6-12 years old. Sometime we wish other maker who use Gobricks would clone this set instead of UrGe. Reason being UrGe is sourcing parts from Xingbao, the sub brand of LEPIN that had substandard parts. Though we notice the quality of the bricks used had improved for this set, reason could be sourcing of parts from different suppliers or an upgrade from Xingbao.

The box itself is quite big and heavy.

UrGe 10189 Central Perk Big Bang Theory Modular

UrGe simply named it Friend Apartment.

Removable roof top and second floor.

The height could join LEGO Street Modular easily.

Back of the box.

Standard China clone bricks box design with a handle. Still, for box this heavy we literally have to carry it.

The inner box which is packed with parts.

A red 32 x 32 red base plate, one piece of 16 x 16 grey plate, and two 16 x 6 grey plates.

A thick instruction manual.

UrGe 10189 Friend Apartment

Back of the manual.

Though the building process are divided into three steps, each steps used up to 1000 bricks.

There are 14 characters with 7 each from Friends and Big Bang Theory. We didn’t follow the sitcoms so no idea on the names.

Correction to step 133.

The only sticker sheet here.

Building of UrGe Friend Apartment

The numbering bags are useless, as UrGe simply divide them to Bag 1, 2 and 3 which had over 1000 bricks scattered in smaller bags. The Bag 4 contains minifigures.

All the parts for Bag 1 to build Central Perk.

To speed up the build, we sorted the parts in different containers.

Some printed parts found.

Building the base for the first floor.

Adding details to the interior.

Comparing against the original Berthil design, the wall supposed to be tan color instead of bright orange.

The four corner of the base plate starts warping.

Two rugs for the floor.

The two rugs go here.

A staircase going up second floor.

Coffee table and service counter for the first floor.


The back rest of the chair is sticker.

Green columns and chairs.

Flowers and keyboards.

The designer had squeeze lots of details inside a small space.

TV on the wall.

Phoebe usually performs here.

Getting a shot of coffee here.

The handle along the stair is soft rod.

First floor completed.

The portrait of the guy is in black and white only. The LEGO version had blue hue.

The “Central Perk” printing is crisp but the color around the Perk word is black for LEGO.

Taking a look at the first floor.

What we like is the use of smooth tiles to cover the studs on the floor.

Bag 2 for the second floor, which housed the Big Bang Theory gang.

We sorted the parts to make building easier.

Building the base for the second floor. The floor is made up of various pieces of plates so you won’t have warp corners.

Printed parts for Big Bang Theory.

Furniture for Leonard and Sheldon’s living room.

Book shelves.

Two sofas for Big Bang people.

Table lamp and TV.

Small table with Chinese takeaway, white board and DNA display model.

The dart board and the shelf next to it are new addition to this room by Berthil.

The whiteboard with some equation.

The black bird has been swapped with a different type of bird.

The fire escape ladder requires lots of patience to get it right.

This section can be taken away to reveal the interior. It’s where the dart board is. Imagine you throw a dart and it blow a big hole in the wall.

Under side of the second floor.

Detail look of the second floor.

It took a while for us to align the second floor with the first level and connect them together.

Bag 3 for the roof top. Notice the giraffe brick separator, that’s the evident the part supplier is “LEPIN” related.

Again, sorted the parts in advance.

This is romantic!

View from the top for finished roof top garden. UrGe didn’t recreate the Big Bang Theory wedding scene here.

Satellite TV dish.

Air conditioning modules.

String of festival lighting.

The door leading to the staircase.

Decorative design at the side of the roof.

Once the roof top garden is placed on second floor, the Friend Apartment is completed.

Detail Look at UrGe Central Perk Big Bang Theory Modular

UrGe 10189 Central Perk Big Bang Theory Modular LEGO 21302 21319

We like the red and white canopy here.

You may order UrGe 10189 Friend Apartment from Aliexpress.

Minifigures from Friends and Big Bang Theory

You may skip reading this part if you owned LEGO 21302 and 21319 and would like to use the original minifigures for this modular.

Minifigures from Friends sitcom. Quality of the minifigures aren’t as good as the one from Sembo but is acceptable.

Alternate expression.

With hair pieces on.

Back view of the minifigures.

The Big Bang theory minifigures.

Alternate expression.

With hair piece on.

Group photo of Friends and Big Bang Theory.

Friends be friends of Big Bang Theory and have fun.

UrGe 10189 Central Perk Big Bang Theory Modular LEGO 21302 21319
UrGe 10189 Central Perk Big Bang Theory Modular MOC 34463

Putting Center Perk Big Bang Theory modular with LEGO 10218 Pet Shop.

Summary of UrGe 10189 Central Perk Big Bang Theory Modular

UrGe made a smart choice releasing this modular set that combined two popular sitcoms under one roof. For those who already own LEGO Friends and Big Bang Theory, you could move the original minifigures into the modular set. For those who didn’t own any of the minifigures, this is a chance to collect them all. LEGO is to release Seinfeld set and we may see this modular add another floor to it. Because the designer Berthil always make the instruction free for download at rebrickable, either UrGe or other clone makers would make modular of Friends, Big Bang Theory and Seinfeld. The part quality had improved, as we suspected UrGe may have changed supplier or have a mix of different suppliers of bricks. The minifigures are good to keep. You may order UrGe 10189 Friend Apartment from Aliexpress.

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  1. Here a word from the designer of this MOC quoted on top of this review. Yes, Berthil van Beek. UrGe has copied my design (and even my pictures) without me asking and certainly without my permission. This means you have reviewed a stolen design but this not seem to bother you.


  2. By the way, Mould King has acquired the designer rights for this MOC. So if you want to support the designer buy the designer certified Mould King set!


  3. […] not asked for permission and did not offer any compensation for using my MOC design. Some even have reviewed this illegal copy to great extent and quoted me on top of the review knowing UrGe stole the…. So they know who is the designer that did not get compensated but still continue reviewing the […]


  4. I am putting this one together and notice UrGe made a mistake with the stairs to the front door. The way they have it, it is a very high step up to get in. But if you flip one level of the steps around, you end up with a shorter step up to the door and then one step down once through. Plus, flipping the level of steps covers the jagged hole on the floor immediately inside the door.


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