Review of Sembo SY1260 Bootleg of Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner LEGO 80101

This is clone set of LEGO 80101 Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner which the Danish brick maker made it exclusive to Asia. Quite funny that Danish company designed a Chinese New Year theme set only for China clone bricks makers to produce counterfeit version of it. Beside Sheng Yuan, Lepin, Panlos all made the bootleg version of this set.

Front view of the SY1260 Chinese New Year Eve’s Dinner.

Sheng Yuan SY1260 Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner Clone of LEGO 80101.

For this review, many thanks to CK for the use of the photos. For those of you who intended to buy SY1260 set from Aliexpress, note that Chinese New Year is around the corner and delivery delay is expected. Also there were only two sellers of Sheng Yuan Chinese New Year set so far.

Box of SY1260 Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner. Generally the bootleg maker would puff up the size of the box and make it larger than the LEGO. Also a handle is included at the top. For those who bought from Aliexpress, not box would be given. Front and back of the box with photos wholesale lifted from the Danish maker.

It’s quite common for clone makers to have numbering bags in their sets.

Instruction manual with Chinese title “富贵年夜饭”, literally Prosperity New Year Dinner.

Stickers sheet with good quality printing.

1-6 numbers bag. Number 1 bag had the common parts.

Building in progress….

The house is ready and we shall have dinner soon!

SY1260 LEGO 80101 Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner

Let’s take a look at the minifigures. We all know Sheng Yuan, aka Sembo made high quality minifigures. In showing respect to the old folks, the grandparents minifigs go first. There are visible molding line for the grandpa’s hair piece. Other than that the printing is spot on for the New year outfit.

The Son and daughter in-law, or the other way around. SY made a mistake with the lady’s skirt printing, with the front motif printed at the back slope of the skirt piece.

Alternate facial expression. The male had gone for laser eye surgery and throw away his glasses.

In line with Chinese government initiative to have two children, the set had two kids included. One boy and one girl to encourage gender balance in the country. The red packet pieces are available in Taobao to be purchase separately though not available in Aliexpress. SY replicated the girl hair piece. However the LEPIN version would have the hair piece swapped.

It would be nice if the short-legs are movable.

The little boy is not very happy, perhaps of smaller sum received in the red packet?

The set in multiple angle views. Sheng Yuan did a full replication of the LEGO 80101 set.

The word “福” was hanged upside down to symbolize arrival of the fortune.

The outer wall of the home. This sort of home is getting rarer in China due to rapid urbanization.

Windows with oriental motif.

Bird eyes view of the reunion dinner table. All these are printed parts for dishes on the table.

Raise the red lanterns.

The family photos are stickers.

TV showing “CCTV New Year’s Gala”, or CCTV 春节联欢晚会, a popular show in China during Chinese New Year’s eve. To get invited on the show meaning billions of eye balls on you and lots of commercial prospect afterwards.

Northern Chinese reunion dinner, with dumpling. The fish is a symbol of abundance.

Let’s tuck in. One must say good words only.

Bootleg of LEGO 80101 Chinese New Year Eve Dinner SY1260

In conclusion, Sheng Yuan or Sembo did an excellent job cloning the set. The printed parts are all accounted for and there are no swapped parts. You may order SY1260 Reunion Dinner set from Aliexpress. Do note that you need to select the set under “Color” after entering one of the link to order either SY1260 which is the New Year’s Eve Dinner set, or SY1261 Dragon Dance.

Below is SY1260 Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner and SY1261 Dragon Dance Set side by side. Do click this link to order either SY1260 or SY1261. Visit here for review of SY1261 Dragon Dance.

Sheng Yuan Chinese New Year Eve Dinner and Dragon Dance

Alternatively you could consider ordering LEPIN 46001 version. Do note that LEPIN made hair piece swap for the little girl.

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