Review of Xinh X0226 Captain Marvel Minifigures

For those who wanted to get LEGO Captain Marvel minifigures from set 76127 through bootleg maker Xinh, sorry to disappoint you. All minifigures from X0226 series were made by Xinh based on stolen design of Brick News. From 2018, Xinh had started making minifigures with own or custom 3rd party designs instead of copying LEGO wholesale. Though it can’t beat POGO in terms of range of themes and kinds of minifigures, Xinh beat out POGO on quality of figures. How does Xinh fare in own rendition of Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, Nick Fury, Mar-vel, Skrull and Ronan the Accuser? Let’s find out!

Xinh X0226 Captain Marvel Minifigures

There are eight minfigures in movie version of Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, Mar-vell, Skrull, Ronan the Accuser and Nick Fury. At this point of writing there were only two known two Captain Marvel LEGO minifigures, from set 76049 Avenjet Space Mission in 2016 and set 76127 Captain Marvel and The Skrull Attack from the movie. So far Xinh is the only maker of LEO style Captain Marvel minifigures based on costume in the upcoming movie. The photos used in this reviews were taken by BBJ.

XINH X0226 Captain Marvel Minifigure

Captain Marvel in Blue, Red and Yellow costume.
We preferred this design over the LEGO one which had no side printing. It match costume wore by Carol Danvers in the movie and the minifigure had side printing on arms and legs. Only issue was the visible molding line on the hair piece it was very loose.

LEGO Captain Marvel,
Xinh Captain Marvel with side printing, Traditional Red, Blue, Yellow Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel in the Kree Starforce Uniform
You have seen Captain Marvel in green and black, with silver highlights in the movie trailer, which caused a buzz among the fans who were accustomed to the traditional blue, red and yellow outfit. Some fans pointed out this is Jamie McKelvie’s Captain Marvel design in green! Anyway, Xinh provided us an option to own Carol Danvers in Starforce uniform. We hope to see more Starforce members being introduced in future release of Xinh. The figure had the same hair piece with the previous figure and it got printing on arms and legs.

LEGO Kree Starforce Captain Marvel,
Xinh Captain Marvel in Kree Uniform

Carol Danvers with S.H.I.E.L.D. Hat
Those of you who had viewed the trailer would see Carol Danvers visiting S.H.I.E.L.D facility in civilian clothing. The hat had S.H.I.E.L.D emblem on it, but the figure look bald.

LEGO Carol Danvers SHIELD Cap, Xinh Carol Danvers SHIELD Cap

Carol Danvers in Workout Suit
Basically this is what you see in the trailer, in one sequence where she trained with Mar-vell.

Mar-vell in Workout Suit
Mar-vell aka Walter Lawson in similar workout outfit to Carol Danvers.

LEGO Mar-vell

This version of Skrull had different design compared with LEGO set 76127. No complaint with Xinh own interpretation of the Skrull. Anyone had any idea where did the head piece came from? Good to have side printing on arms and legs.

LEGO Skrull Minifigure, 
Xinh Skrull Minifigure

Ronan the Accuser
The Supreme Accuser of the Kree Empire. He had a hammer type of long weapon, which we didn’t shown in the photo. It has side printing on the minifigure.

Xinh Ronan the Accuser

Young Nick Fury
This is younger Nick Fury who had two eyes intact. Notice the band-aid on left eye brow.

LEGO Nick Fury, Lego Young Nick Fury, Xinh Nick Fury

Accessories, weapons, and printed parts.

Xinh X0226 Minifigures group photos.

LEGO form Captain Marvel Movie Minifigures
Xinh Captain Marvel Movie Minifigures, LEGO Captain Marvel Movie Minifigures

Xinh X0226 Captain Marvel Minifigures are highly recommended for those who wanted movie version of the figures in LEGO form. You may order Xinh X0226 Captain Marvel from Aliexpress.

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