Review of SY1041 UCS Hulkbuster Clone of LEGO 76105 (with WTF Face)

Sheng Yuan aka Sembo or SY had beaten Lepin to be the first in cloning LEGO 76105 UCS Hulkbuster. However, in a twist of event SY made a serious error in the head of SY1041 UCS Hulkbuster with WTF printing. Though we view that error with a light-heart instead, caused you would never ever get that WTF printing from LEGO. At the end of this review, we have a quick look at Lepin 07101 UCS Hulkbuster to help you in deciding which version to get. The best is still the LEGO, always support the original!

SY1041 Hulkbuster Open Box View

Let’s take a look at the box of SY1041, it’s so environmental unfriendly big! A bad practice prevalent in China where big is equal to bang of the buck and made perfect as gift. You can judge the size of the box when placed beside a cabinet. For those who order from Aliexpress, your package would come without the box.


Open box view. Came in two inner boxes that had plenty of space. One box would do.Open box of SY1041 UCS Hulkbuster Clone of LEGO 76105

Gold coins and ingots are plentiful. Because they are made in same molds so SY had to give extra.


The flipping head was pack in plastic bag. SY1041_005

This must the expression of Hulkbuster after getting bashed by Incredible Hulk. We suspect Sembo accidentally printed one of their MOC Hulkbuster mech on the bigger head for UCS Hulkbuster. Their QC must be sleeping on their job.


Fear not, Sembo remedial the situation by mailing replacement part for the head. WTF head vs normal version. SY1041_007

If you order SY1041 from Aliexpress, make sure the sellers include the replacement head. If not, file a dispute and withhold payment until they sent it!


Sembo SY1041 Hulkbuster with WTF Head


Following review is not possible without great photography skill of CK. Anyway, we decided to use WTF head in the review.

First up, the minifigure Iron Man MK43. This version is different to MK43 that LEGO released few years back.

Iron Man MK43 from SY1041SY1041_010SY1041_011

Scale down version of Veronica and Jarvis.


The clone version of LEGO 76105 by SY. The Hulkbuster with WTF face (waiting to get beaten by Hulk).

SY1041_013SY1041_014SY1041_015SY1041_016SY1041 UCS Hulkbuster clone of LEGO 76105

Close up look.


SY did a full replication for UCS Hulkbuster. Lepin 07101 had swapped out the golden ingot. This due to the fact Lepin didn’t create the mold for the gold bar/ingot.SY1041_020SY1041_021SY1041_022

It’s LEGO’s design fault that the knees can’t bend. SY’s articulation part was tight enough to hold this stance. SY1041_023

Light brick was yellowish, same as LEGO. Though we wish SY could give us Light brick in different color such as blue.


Glow in the dark studs.


Assembly platform with information plate. Lepin version had different sticker.

SY1041_027SY1041 UCS Hulkbuster with base, clone of LEGO 76105

Just nice to ride on a bike. SY1041_029

The verdict for SY1041 UCS Hulkbuster: beside the unfortunate WTF head, the quality of the bricks are superb, as SY was one of the best clone bricks maker in China. Aliexpress prices are around USD53.00, while the original is USD119.99. Do buy the original from LEGO.

Quick look at Lepin 07101 UCS Hulkbuster

My friend sent me two photos of the Lepin 07101 UCS Hulkbuster.  The information plate read “Super Escort” instead of Avengers. Also the golden ingot was swapped out. Lepin version had the “normal” face printing for flipping head.

Lepin 07101 UCS HulkbusterBox of Lepin 07101 UCS Hulkbuster.

Lepin 07101


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