LEGO Carnotaurus & Corellian Hound Figures Found on Taobao

It’s hard to stop leak nowadays. LEGO Carnotaurus figure from yet to release LEGO Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom 75929 set had been listed on Taobao. The Carnotaurus figure was offered at CNY 299 (USD 47.28) a piece. The recommend retail price for LEGO set 75929 is USD 79.99.
Taobao posting
Photos were from Taobao listing page. Carnotaurus figure with baby dinosaurs.
LEGO Carnotaurus
Carnotaurus vs T-Rex. Looks like T-Rex is bigger.
LEGO Carnotaurus vs T-RexCarnotaurus2
LEGO prints are clearly visible on the studs.
LEGO T-Rex Carnotaurus
Photos posted by buyer. From the photo, the Carnotaurus was in its original packaging and LEGO wording could be found on the belly of the figure.
Beside the dinosaur figure, you could found a handful of Corellian Hound being sold on Taobao as well. The Corellian Hound is creature found in upcoming LEGO Han Solo set 75209 and 75210. On Taobao, you could get the figure at less than CNY9.90 (USD 1.57) a piece.

Taobao Posting 2

A pack of LEGO Corellian Hounds posted by one of the sellers.
Photos posted by the buyers in Taobao feedback section.
Corellian Hound7Corellian Hound8
Photo from one of the listing page.
LEGO Corellian Hound
Based on the photos posted by buyers in feedback section of Taobao, those figures were not knockoff products. We speculated the sellers could have gotten the figures directly from employees working at LEGO factory in China. However it’s questionable whether the goods are obtained legally. At the point of writing, no knockoff Carnotaurus and Corellian Hound available.

This create unfair advantage over those sellers on bricklink whom part out the figure from the LEGO sets to sell. Also for collectors of figures, they would skip purchasing the sets and buying the figures directly from sites such as Taobao and Ebay. Perhaps LEGO shall upgrade the security at its factory to prevent more figures being smuggle out.

Please don’t ask us for link to those Taobao shops. That’s why we deliberately block out the water mark on those photos to prevent people from identifying the shops. Thank you for the understanding.

One comment

  1. All of these were obviously obtained illegally. Man, it’s freaking hilarious that anyone would consider otherwise…

    Bought a few a few months back, way back when these two were first listed. 🙂


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