Review of Lepin 07090 The Joker Manor Bootleg of Lego 70922

This is the first Lepin set reviews in year 2018. Lepin was slow in cloning The Joker Manor. The set was released two months after official Lego launch. Perhaps that was due to lots of new elements introduced in this set and it took times to create molds for all of them. Basically Lepin 07090 The Joker Manor was a direct copy of the original Lego set, saved for a minor change in parts.

Lepin 07090 The Joker Manor box view. Typical name change by bootlegger so it’s Bathero instead of The Batman.

Lepin 07090 clone of Lego 70922 The Joker Manor

Instruction manual.

Lepin 07090_006

Sticker sheet.

Lepin 07090_007

Shiny stickers for mirror. Lepin 07090_004

New roller coaster track elements. Lepin was taking a long term view in cloning these new elements.

Lepin 07090_005

The building process begins!

Lepin 07090_008Lepin 07090_009

This suppose to be the Wayne Manor. Lepin 07090_002Lepin 07090_010The wiggly wall, another new element introduced. Lepin 07090_011

Stickers for the Joker to hang on the wall. Lepin 07090_012

Suppose this is pop corn.

Lepin 07090_013Lepin 07090_014

A correction sheet to rectify mistakes in instruction manual.

Lepin 07090_015Lepin 07090_016

The Joker minifigure wasn’t from this set. He was here to play with the computer.

Lepin 07090_017

Just to clarify the minifigure of Harley Quinn is not from this set. Nice lobster with eyes inside the oven. In Lepin 16050 Old Fishing Store set the lobster didn’t have eyes.

Lepin 07090_018Lepin 07090_019Lepin 07090_020Lepin 07090_021Lepin 07090_022

Alfred the Butler.

Lepin 07090_023Lepin 07090 the Joker Manor Harley Quinn with bat. Lepin 07090_025

A mini swimming pool. Lepin 07090_026

In the Lego Batman Movie, Batman had a dolphin kept in the pool.

Lepin 07090_041

Lepin 07090_027

A duet by the Joker and Batman. Notice the molding line on the green hairpiece.

Lepin 07090 The Joker Manor Disco Joker Disco Batman

Mechanism where you pull the green disc, and Robin would slide down and appear in the ‘mouth’.

Lepin 07090_029

Lepin 07090_001

Harley and Joker enjoying themselves.

Lepin 07090_042

Get back to work, now it’s time to build the signage. Lepin 07090_030Lepin 07090_031Lepin 07090_032

Lepin 07090 the Joker Manor Disco Joker singing

Disco Batgirl. Lepin made decent minifigures nowadays. Lepin 07090_033

Batgirl’s headpiece with hair. New mold for Lepin.


Lepin replaced Nightwing’s head piece with the Batman’s cowl. Lepin 07090_043A bomb planted by the Joker in front of the entrance. Lepin 07090_034

Lepin 07090 The Joker Manor completed. Front view.

Lepin 07090 The Joker Manor front view.

Back view of Lepin Joker Manor.Lepin 07090 The Joker Manor back view.

New elements of roller coaster cars and tracks.

Lepin the Joker Manor roller coaster

Size comparison between Lepin Joker Manor and Parisan Restaurant.

Lepin 07090_039

The vehicles were not from this set. Definitely look better with cool cars around.

Lepin 07090_040

Hate to say this but Lepin 07090 The Joker Manor is a very high quality clone by Lepin. Save for the head piece of Nightwing, all the parts were replicated and accounted for. Judging from the new elements introduced, Lepin is investing new molds in anticipation of continuity in their business. You may order Lepin 07090 The Joker Manor from Aliexpress.


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