Review of POGO PG-1050 Alien Xenomorph Minifigure

Review of POGO PG-1050 Alien Xenomorph Minifigure

POGO is becoming a minifigure powerhouse, churning wave of wave of new characters to drain your wallet dry. The minifigure of Xenomorph in LEGO form shall be what many fans of Alien movie are looking forward to. There is slim chance for LEGO to pick up the license and we are thankful for POGO in bringing out a Lego Xenomorph minifigure.

The Xenomorph minifig arrived in plastic packet and a base plate is included.


Front view of the Lego form Alien minifigure. Contrary to what’s on the advertisement, the teeth aren’t painted white. The painting on the body is trying to simulate the skeletal body. The bad would be the visible molding line in the middle of the head.  Pogo PG-1050 Alien Xenomorph minifigure

Segmented bladed tip tail. Though we wish the molding could be sharper. PG1050-6

View from the right. PG1050-4

View from the left. PG1050-5

Alien and a victim of the Chestburster. You can order PG-1089 victim of Chestburster from Aliexpress.

PG1050 and PG1089-1

The back of the Chestburster victim had simple wrinkle printing. The white teeth of Xenomorph is painted by us.

PG1050 Xenomorph and PG1089 Chestburster victim

Personally we were hoping other makers such as SY, XINH or Decool would make this minifigure because of their had superior casting quality. Boss of POGO is willing to create new molds to create differentiate their offerings in the market. You can order PG-1050 Alien and PG-1089 Chestburster victim from Aliexpress.

You could order PG-1090 Ellen Ripley as well.


Surrounded by Aliens…


Fight to the death! PG1090-2

Pogo is to release Predator Minifigure soon. You can read the news on Predator Minifigure. Finally we could recreate Alien vs Predator scene from the movie!

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