Lepin 31001 Scorpion Pyramid Clone of Lego 7327 Pharaoh’s Quest

This would be a dream come true for many fans of discontinued Lego Pharaoh’s Quest series. When Lepin released set 15015 L. Rivendell Museum of Natural History which included Anubis Guard minifig, there was speculation that Pharaoh’s Quest would be next. It took a 10 months wait before Lepin released set 31001 Scorpion Pyramid. Still, there were hesitation on our part due to uncertainty over the 32 x 48 x 6 base plate. After the build we were glad that the base plate were a solid piece for the Pyramid. The photos were taken by CK for this review.

Box view of Lepin 31001 Pyramids Seeks Scorpion Pyramid. To avoid copyright issue Lepin substitue the Pharoah’s Quest with another name.

Lepin 31001 Scorpion Pyramid Box Lego 7327Lepin 31001_002

Came in two inner white boxes. All the parts are presorted according to building instruction. Lepin 31001_003

One instruction manual. The original had two booklets.

Lepin 31001_004

Sticker sheet for the set. Not sure about the color reproduction. Your could get the the bigger sheet for EURO 2.50 on bricklink. Lepin 31001_005

The Minifigures

We know many would buy this set just because of the Anubis Guard. The quality is excellent. Lepin is getting so good in making minifigures that they even launched a line for minifigures alone. Hopefully Lepin would sell the mummy and the Anubis minifigures separately.

Anubis Guard x 2


Only complaint would be the gray sword and shield. The original was in black!

Lepin 31001_019Lepin 31001_021

Amset-Ra Lepin 31001_012Lepin 31001_013Lepin 31001_014

Flying MummyLepin 31001_015Lepin 31001_016Lepin 31001_017Lepin 31001_018

Jake Raines

Lepin 31001_008Lepin 31001_009

Professor Archibald Hale

Lepin 31001_006Lepin 31001_007

Mac McCloud – Kepi

Lepin 31001_010Lepin 31001_011

Dark Tan Baseplate, Raised 32 x 48 x 6


Excellent piece of molding for a block of raised base plate.

Lepin 31001_022Lepin 31001_023Lepin 31001_024

Underside of the base plate. Lepin 31001_025

The Half-track with mounted gun. But the minifigure had problem sitting in.

Lepin 31001_031

Lepin 31001_027Lepin 31001_028Lepin 31001_029

Am I supposed to drive and shoot at the same time?

Lepin 31001_032

The Scorpion


The parts were printed, no sticker applied.

Lepin 31001_033Lepin 31001_034

Underside of the scorpion.Lepin 31001_035Lepin 31001_036

The Pyramid


The focus point for this review was this pyramid. My head was thinking of the movies series such as The Mummy, the Indiana Jones and the Stargate. The creepy mummy, hidden traps and treasures were what we think of Egyptian pyramid.

Building the stairs leading to the pyramid gate.

Lepin 31001_037Lepin 31001_038

Stickers appliedLepin 31001_039

Adding the obelisk to the side and the pyramid was in its full glory (or gore)

Lepin 31001 Scorpion Pyramid Front view. Clone of Lego 7327Lepin 31001_041Lepin 31001_042Lepin 31001_043Lepin 31001_044Lepin 31001 Scorpion Pyramid Lego 7327

A pool to raise the snakes?

Lepin 31001_046

Some kind of sacrificial pit.

Lepin 31001_047

Enter the gate with your own peril! Lepin 31001_048Lepin 31001_049

The stairs aren’t normal, they are traps! Lepin 31001_050Lepin 31001_051Lepin 31001_052

Pharaoh’s burial chamberLepin 31001_053

Jake and the Professor are both going after this gem stone. Lepin 31001_054

The sarcophagus. In Stargate it was used to prolong the life span of the alien being.  Lepin 31001_055

What took you so long to release me?Lepin 31001_056Lepin 31001_057Lepin 31001_058The scorpion was kind of redundant here. Hard to balance it on top of the pyramid. Lepin 31001_059Lepin 31001_060

The Summary


Lepin 31001 Scorpion Pyramid is a must have for fans of Lego Adventurers series. The minifigures are of top notch, and the tan pieces closely match the color of the original. Highly recommended for fans of ancient Egyptian theme. You may order Lepin 31001 from Aliexpress.

If you are looking to get more minifigures of Anubis Guard and the Mummies, one option is to get the ones made by KOPF of its KL9006 series.


However the Anubis didn’t have the leg printing, as you could see from the picture below. And it didn’t include the shield. You could check out KL9006 from Aliexpress.


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