Review of Lepin 16050 Old Fishing Store Clone of Lego 21310

Another shameless knockoff release from Lepin and this time the “victim” is Old Fishing Store which LEGO launched on Sept. 2 2017. It took Lepin slightly over a month to clone this set and the reason for the delay is due to Lepin 16016 The Flying Dutchman set which also used lots of printed wooden planks like Old Fishing Store. The design credit goes to Robert Bontenbal, who was the original designer and Adam Grabowski, the LEGO designer who turned Robert’s design into a commercial set. Please support the original product if you could afford to.

Review of Lepin 16050 Old Fishing Store

For this review of Lepin 16050 Old Fishing Store the photos credits goes to CK. The set came with 7 numbered bags of presorted parts. Lepin set came with 2204 parts while LEGO had 2049 bricks.

Box view of Lepin 16050. Basically it’s wholesale copy of the original with logo and name changes.

Lepin 16050 Old Fishing Store Box (Lego 21310)Lepin 16050_002

Parts are presorted according to Numbered Bags. Lepin 16050_003

Instruction manual, which had minor colors reproduction issue.

Lepin 16050_004

In total there are 7 numbered bags just like the original.Lepin 16050_005

Sticker sheet. If you compared against the original you would spot slight differences. We would leave it to readers to play “spot the difference”. Lepin 16050_006

Bags Number 1. The minifigures are in this bag.

Lepin 16050_007

Old Captain, my captain. Lepin 16050_008Lepin 16050_009

Fisherman. The leg is painted instead of dual plastic injection molding. Lepin 16050_011Lepin 16050_012

Store lady. Lepin 16050_014

The sleeves could be better. Lepin 16050_015

Little kid.

Lepin 16050_017Lepin 16050_018

The sand yellow is actually normal yellow. Initially we thought there were missing pieces.

Lepin 16050_020Lepin 16050_021Lepin 16050_022

Bags Numbered 2.

Lepin 16050_023

Not sure whether you notice the deteriorate in quality of flat tiles. Definitely it’s due to wear and tear in Lepin’s molding.

Lepin 16050_024

Lepin 16050_025

Excellent printing quality for wooden tiles. Lepin 16050_027

Bags Numbered 3. Lepin 16050_028

Abundance use of printed wooden planks. Lepin 16050_029Lepin 16050_030

Bags Numbered 4. Lepin 16050_031Lepin 16050_032Lepin 16050_033

Cash register. Lepin 16050_034

Bags Numbered 5.

Lepin 16050_035

Fishing nets.

Lepin 16050_036

Spruce containing all the tools. Lepin 16050_037

The gray scissors came separately. Lepin 16050_038

You need to attach the chains to the hook manually. Lepin 16050_039

The lobsters must be born blind!

Lepin 16050_040Lepin 16050_041Lepin 16050_042

Interior of the diving equipment shop.Lepin 16050_043Lepin 16050_044

Bags Numbered 6

Lepin 16050_045

Printing of the kitten is good, but the beak of the seagulls had color bleeding.

Lepin 16050_046Lepin 16050_047Lepin 16050_048

Final stage of assembly, bags Numbered 7!

Lepin 16050_049

Beautiful set, though it’s knockoff. Our verdict for Lepin 16050 Old Fishing Store was it’s a faithful replication of the original. The minor imperfection would be the non dual plastic injection for the minifigures’ legs. Also there are uneven surface due to wear out of the molding. Do note due to rich interior details, lots of patience needed to get the build done. You may order Lepin 16050 from Aliexpress. In the mean time enjoy lots of photos of the Lepin Old Fishing Store. Feel free to share our reviews if you found it useful. Thank you for reading!

Lepin Old Fishing Store studio shots. If you want sand green tiles and wooden tiles, this is the set for you.

Lepin 16050 Old Fishing Store (Lego 21310)Lepin 16050_051Lepin 16050_052Lepin 16050_053Lepin 16050_054Lepin 16050_055Lepin 16050_056Lepin 16050_057Lepin 16050_058Lepin 16050_059Lepin 16050_060Lepin 16050_061Lepin 16050_062Lepin 16050_063Lepin 16050_064Lepin 16050_065Lepin 16050_066

Open up to review the rich details of the interior.

Lepin 16050_067

Divers can rent equipment here.

Lepin 16050 Old Fishing Store Diving Equipement (Lego 21310)

Lepin 16050_069

The roof and second floor could be lift up to review the inside. Lepin 16050_070Lepin 16050_071Lepin 16050_072Lepin 16050_073

Lepin 16050 Old Fishing Store Front (Lego 21310)

You may order Lepin Old Fishing Store via Aliexpress. If you were to rank the best cloning set from Lepin in 2017, Old Fishing Store and the Ninjago City would be the top two.

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