Review of POGO 1080 Elephant Figure

True to the promise of POGO boss to build a zoo,  the long discontinued LEGO Elephant figure was cloned and released as POGO 1080 Elephant. The price for the original had been skyrocketing due to its rarity. The one feature in this review was a light gray version which appeared in LEGO set 7418 Scorpion Palace of the Orient Expedition series.

Light gray POGO 1080 Elephant

There are some visible molding line above the elephant trunk. Though we consider that minor issue. In terms of articulation, the elephant’s trunk, head and legs move smoothly. From the photo you could even get the Elephant to stretch out!

POGO 1080 Elephant FigurePogo 1080_007POGO 1080 Elephant Figure Side viewPogo 1080_011Pogo 1080_013Getting the elephant figure to stretch out.

Pogo 1080_002

Time for some minifigures interaction. Roman commander rode the elephant while the Greek Hoplite looked on.

Pogo 1080_001Pogo 1080_004

Pogo Kraven Hunter get to ride on the elephant.

Pogo 1080_005

In conclusion, due to the original LEGO elephant had discontinued for long, a clone copy of POGO 1080 Elephant is the best alternative out there so far. You may order POGO 1080 Elephant on Aliexpress.

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