Review of Lepin Ninjago City 06066 Clone of Lego 76020

Review of Lepin 06066 Ninjago City

It took Lepin 14 days to produce a knockoff version for Lego 76020 Ninjago City after the official launch date. The infamous bootlegger had mastered the art of copycat to the next level, given there are lots of new parts for this set. Lepin replicated its 06066 clone set at close to 100%, save for two parts. Lepin do have the parts in the past release, for some reason the company decided to swap those two bricks. Also there are other minor problems though it didn’t affect the play ability.  There are many photos for this reviews. Be patient if you had slow internet connection. Also many thanks to CK for the excellent photo taking.

Open box of Lepin 06066 Ninjago City. The set came with 4953 pieces of parts. The original set had 4867 bricks.

Lepin 06066 Ninjago City Front BoxLepin 06066 Ninjago City Box Back

It is customary for the KO set to include a handle.

Lepin 06066_004

The box came with two inner box labelled A and B.

Lepin 06066_005

The instruction manual had a bit of color replication issue but it didn’t affect the building process. Lepin 06066_006The sticker sheets. The one on the left had minor misaligned cut.Lepin 06066_007Lepin started to include “extra” in some of the big release lately. This would reduce chances of missing parts and save the sellers headache in ordering replacement parts.

Lepin 06066_008Bag Number 1. We have no idea whether Lepin replicated the same numbering sequence as well.

Lepin 06066_009One of the clear yellow part had color difference. Lepin 06066_010New parts. Lepin 06066_011Lepin 06066_012There is a sketch at the end of each bag. Lepin 06066_013

Bag Number 2.

Lepin 06066_014The blue clear parts had very minimal clutching power. To improve the transparency, Lepin reduced the thickness but that sacrifice the clutching.

Lepin 06066_015Lepin 06066_016Lepin 06066_017

Kudos to LEGO designers for making use the coloring difference to replicate water depth.

Lepin 06066_018Warping at the corner. Lepin 06066_019

Those of you who had built Lepin before would be familiar with this. Sometime you just had to use brute force when it came to stubborn technic axle. (LEGO Technic axle would be as smooth as mayonnaise)Lepin 06066_020Lepin 06066_021End of Bag Number 2.

Lepin 06066_022

Bag Number 3.Lepin 06066_023Lepin 06066_024Lepin 06066_025Lepin 06066_026

Bag Number 4. Lepin 06066_027New parts. Lepin must have long term plan to create new molds for these newly introduced parts. Lepin 06066_028

Cleaning robot. Lepin 06066_029New parts again! Lepin 06066_030Lepin 06066_031Lepin 06066_032Lepin 06066_033Lepin 06066_034Lepin 06066_035Lepin 06066_036Bag Number 5. Lepin 06066_037Lepin 06066_038Lepin 06066_039Lepin 06066_040Lepin 06066_041The lift problem!! Did you see it’s not straight? The lift could still go up but hard to come down. The problem had nothing to do with the jagged piece. The bending is caused by the “Bracket 1 x 2 – 2 x 2 Inverted” and “Bracket 1 x 2 – 2 x 2” which created lots of gaps. If you intended to source from bricklink, you would need light bluish grey part 99207 x 47 pieces, and dark bluish grey part 92411 x19 pieces. The parts tolerance require precision engineering in which Lepin is yet to master. Other clone makers such as Gudi and Star Diamond would have way better parts quality than Lepin. Lepin 06066_042Lepin 06066_043Bag Number 6. Lepin 06066_044New oriental style railing. Lepin 06066_045Lepin 06066_046Lepin 06066_047Painting of tiger. Lepin 06066_048The bonsai is clever use of green hair piece.Lepin 06066_049Lepin 06066_050Lepin 06066_051Bag Number 7.Lepin 06066_052Lepin 06066_053Lepin 06066_054Bag Number 8. Lepin 06066_055Lepin 06066_056Lepin 06066_057Lepin 06066_058Lepin 06066_059Lepin 06066_060Lepin 06066_061Bag Number 9.

Lepin 06066_062The ATM is just around the corner.Lepin 06066_063The orange neon sign is made of round studs. However no “LEGO” logo on top. Lepin 06066_064Lepin 06066_065Lepin just copied everything without changing. They couldn’t be bother about “copyright”. Lepin 06066_066Lepin 06066_067Bag Number 10Lepin 06066_068Printed parts to be used in comic shop signage. Lepin 06066_069New parts. Lepin 06066_070The crab signage for the restaurant. Lepin 06066_071Lepin 06066_072Lepin 06066_073Lepin 06066_074Heartbreaking lift shaft. Lepin 06066_075Busy street with pedestrian and commercial activity. Lepin 06066_076Lepin 06066_077Lepin 06066_078Lepin 06066_079Lepin 06066_080Bag Number 11Lepin 06066_081Change of part alert. Lepin replace Ninja head gear with a golden Gorzan head for unknown reason. Lepin 06066_082Lepin 06066_083Lepin 06066_084Bag Number 12Lepin 06066_085Big problem with the inner tube and you can’t place them on a plate. Two solution for this problem. First one is to simply scrapped off the excess. Second is to find replacement from your own pile. We replaced the parts with the one from Enlighten. Lepin 06066_086Replaced the brown piece with Enlighten one. Lepin 06066_087Oops, pressing too hard and broke the wrench. Lepin 06066_088Lepin 06066_089Lepin 06066_090Lepin 06066_091Lepin 06066_092Lepin 06066_093Lepin 06066_094Bag Number 13

Lepin 06066_095The TV could be showing “Lepin” News. Lepin 06066_098Lloyd’s home. Lepin 06066_099Lepin 06066_100Lepin 06066_101Lepin 06066_102Lepin 06066_103Lepin 06066_104Lepin 06066_105Lepin 06066_106

Bag Number 14Lepin 06066_107Damaged blue pins. Lepin 06066_108Lepin 06066_109Lepin 06066_110

Bag Number 15Lepin 06066_111Lepin 06066_112Lepin 06066_113Lepin 06066_114

Sushi on conveyor belt. Lepin 06066_115Lepin 06066_116Lepin 06066_117Lepin 06066_118

Bag Number 16 which is the last. Lepin 06066_119New olive green parts. Lepin 06066_120Lepin 06066_121There is a toilet right inside the tower. Lepin 06066_122

Lepin 06066_123Blue squid and puffer fish. Lepin 06066_124Lepin 06066_125Lepin 06066_126

Final view of Lepin 06066 Ninjago City

Front view of Lepin 06066 Ninjago City.

Lepin 06066 Fake of Lego 70620 Ninjago City

Back of the Lepin Ninjago City.Lepin 06066_128

Lepin 06066_132

Lepin 06066_129View from the left. Lepin 06066_130

View from the right.Lepin 06066_131

Conclusion on Lepin 06066 Ninjago City

First of all, full credit go to LEGO designer for designing a beautiful set. It took 10 hours to build Lepin 06066. There aren’t any missing parts for this set. The issue encountered were the change of head gear with Gorzan’s head piece, non straight lift shaft and that problematic brown piece. Other than that a highly recommended set. You could order Lepin Ninjago City set 06066 from Aliexpress. Still, do support original LEGO products. This review serve as for your information purpose only.


  1. for the extensive review. The photos are great, and help to figure out what to expect from this set. Now I want one of this.
    Just a question. Do you try anything to correct that lifter? I mean. If the reason for that is some pieces are wrong maybe changing the order or their orientation helps with it (worked for me in other Lepin sets).
    Another question. The problem is in the thin bricks or in the “jagged” ones? Just to be prepared to search some replacements.


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