KORUIT Ewok Minifigures Review

You may not familiar with KORUIT brand, which is a new player in China’s bootleg minifigures scene. KORUIT used DLP (DuoLePin) as their OEM manufacturer. DLP is owned by brother of the owner of Sheng Yuan and quality wise is on par with SY and Decool which are the best among the bootleg minifigure makers.

KORUIT isn’t the first one to clone Ewok. The honour went to Lepin who included them in set 05047. KORUIT would be the third maker who cloned Ewok. Quality wise the minifigs are of top notch thanks to OEM maker DLP. Still, the character such as Chief Chirpa and Longray didn’t come with their special staffs. Let’s take a look at the Ewok minifigures by KORUIT.

Ewok Warrior

Koruit Ewok Warrior

Chief Chirpa
The gap in between the special head and the body was visible.

Ewok Chief Chirpa


Koruit Teebo


Koruit Wicket


Koruit LongrayBase plate is  included for each minifigure. The body of the minifigures had no printing.

Koruit Ewok_13Lots of accessories include.


koruit-ewok_81.jpgGetting all five teddy bears, sorry Ewoks for group photos.

Koruit Ewok_10Koruit Ewok_11Koruit Ewok_12

The KORUIT Ewoks had some imperfection such as color bleeding in some area. Also the gap between the body and the special minifig head was visible. Other than that,  KORUIT Ewoks are perfect for army building. Time to fill a village of cute Ewoks. The Cave Troll behind is made by another clone maker WM brand. Koruit Ewoks Minifigures

Alternative is to get the POGO brand of Ewok minifigures, which the Tokkat is exclusive to them.  POGO is the second bootleg maker which made Ewok minifigures. You might take issue with the over visible white pupil of POGO Ewok minifigures. Pogo Ewoks


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