Review of Lepin 33001 Fort Legoredo Clone of Lego 6762 or Lego 6769

Lepin 33001 Fort Legoredo Review

A good news for those who wanted to collect a long discontinued Western theme Lego set. This is either a clone version of Lego 6769 or Lego 6762, in which the later was the re-released of the former in 2002. We can’t tell which one did Lepin 33001 Fort Legoredo was based on. This set didn’t have any numbered bags. Also the printing quality of the manual isn’t as good as the instruction for sets that were based on the newer set released by Lego.

Open box of Lepin 33001

Lepin listed 742 parts, which are higher than parts count on Lego set 6769 and 6762. There is no numbered bag for Lepin 33001 as Lego didn’t have it for the set back then.

Lepin 33001 Fort Legoredo Lego 6762 6769 boxLepin 33001_2Lepin 33001_3

The minifigures of Lepin 33001

There are 10 minifigures, with four cowboys and six Calvary soldiers. Three horses are included. The quality of the minifigures are good to keep, but the annoying part is Calvary Colonel had the logo printed at the back of his hat. If you try wear the hat with the logo in front, it would cover the face.

Lepin 33001_4Lepin 33001_5

Calvary Soldiers

Lepin 33001_6Lepin 33001_7

Classic look and expression on the minifigures.

Lepin 33001_9

The horse is not for bandit to ride on.

Lepin 33001_10

All together 10 minifigs and 3 horses. Value for money!

Lepin 33001 Fort Legoredo minifigures

Building Fort Legoredo Lepin 33001

The colour reproduction is horrible for this manual. Also Lepin skipped some steps so you need to guess what parts were being used. Please refer to original manual if you have doubt.


A change of parts from 1×2 logs to 1×4 logs.

Lepin 33001_13

Two red parrots gracing the entrance.


Usually Lepin would change the wording from Lego to itself. Guess Lepin don’t give a damn on trademark this time around.

Lepin 33001_15

Raising the flag of “Legoredo”. Some of the Lepin buyers actually prefer “Lepinredo”.

Lepin 33001_17

Special parts on spruce.

Lepin 33001_18

First part of the fort completed.

Lepin 33001_19

Two bandits hiding in the barrels, waiting to ambush.

Lepin 33001_21Lepin 33001_20

Second outer wall completed.

Lepin 33001_22

Third wall built.

Lepin 33001_23

Classic style of window with double panels.

Lepin 33001_24

Final building completed. The canon is not working.

Lepin 33001 Fort Legoredo horse and canon carriage

Back of the fort.

Lepin 33001_27

Gold coins hided in mountain.

Lepin 33001_28Lepin 33001_30Lepin 33001_31

The headquarters of the Calvary.

Lepin 33001_29

Overall look of Lepin 33001. A classic cowboy fort.

Lepin 33001 Fort Legoredo Lego 6762 6769

Thought on Lepin 33001 Fort Legoredo

Lepin 33001 Fort Legoredo is a great alternative to either Lego 6769 or 6762. Beside the hat problem for the Calvary Colonel, the minifigures are of good quality. There is no pricky bush for this set because Lepin never open a mold for it. The Lepin Haunted House didn’t have the bush either.  A ladder is missing in the set, could be just us. Other than that, a cool set to bring back childhood memory for those who once own Lego 6769 or 6762. You could order Lepin 33001 from Aliexpress.

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