We Bought a Zoo! Lego Compatible Animals Figures

We Bought a Zoo!

As absurd as it could be we open a zoo with tigers and dinosaurs. Pogo brand recently cloned all the tiger, panther and leopard from Lego City Jungle series. Pogo went one step further by adding a white tiger! Basically all the tiger, black panther and leopard are sharing the same mold. The differences are the colors and strips on the body.

Pogo PG1045-1049

POGO PG1048 White Tiger

Pogo PG1048 White Tiger is Pogo own iteration of Lego tiger. You have to assemble the tiger figure yourself. There are visible molding line on the body.

Pogo 1048 White Tiger Lego Jungle2357Pogo 1048 White Tiger Lego Jungle9

Not so nice molding line.


Pogo PG1046 Leopard

Pogo PG1046 Leopard came from Lego 10161 Jungle Exploration Site. Again depends on your luck, you might get a very good copy or a not so good with misaligned print and visible molding line.
Pogo PG1046 Leopard Lego 10161 Jungle Exploration Site13Pogo PG1046 Leopard Lego 10161 Jungle Exploration Site1516

Pogo PG1045 Black Panther

Pogo PG1045 Black Panther is cloned from Lego 60159 Jungle Halftrack Mission.

Pogo PG1045 Black Panther18Pogo PG1045 Black Panther Lego 60159 Jungle Halftrack Mission20

Pogo black panther, white tiger and leopard!

Pogo Panther Tiger Leopard Lego Jungle

The Chief of Wakuku tribe is very happy with his new white tiger pet. The native minifigure is a clone by Xinh.

XH636 Native and PG1048 White Tiger

What about the T-rex? They are from YG Brand. Perhaps we would take a look at them next time. If you want them, Aliexpress had YG Brand T-Rex and other Dinosaur. The orange Pogo tiger is available too.

YG Dinosaur vs Pogo Tigers

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