Review of Lego 70618 Destiny’s Bounty of Lego Ninjago Movie

First of all, we had to thank a very rich friend of us who gifted this set to us for reviewing. He said: “Time to play with real Lego set instead of made in China bricks!”. He is kind of ignorance that Lego made bricks in China nowadays, thinking this is “imported” stuff. Retail prices for The Lego Ninjago Movie Destiny’s Bounty in China was CNY 1899 (USD 281) while online Lego shop in U.S sold for USD 159.99. Which mean we are paying 75% higher than Lego fans in the U.S. Our friend bought the set from a LCS in Beijing and at this point of writing, Lego Ninjago movie sets are being stock in Toy R US in China as well.

Open Box view of Lego 70618 Destiny’s Bounty. Don’t get it wrong, this is “Lego”, not Lepin. The origins is Jiaxing factory in China.

Lego 70618 Destiny's Bounty Ninjago Movie
List of minifigures.

Lego 70618 Destiny's Bounty Ninjago Movie

Back of the box showing what you could do with the boat.

Whopping 15 bags of 2295 pieces of bricks. It took a few days of on and off building to complete the whole thing.


Photo of the Ninjas…


Lego wants you to buy them all!! Secretly hoping our rich friend would collect all of the sets and pass to us for review.


Start building the base.


Master Wu was found in Bag 1. He got a skirt this time.


The helmet from Anacondrai Cultist, what is it doing here?


Helmet of Garmadon and photo of all the Ninjas.


Even the Ninjas need to relieve themselves of the urge. Nice to have a toilet on the boat.


Master Wu is very rich, he had a gold tap.

2223Weapon rack on board. 24

The armor from The Hands of Time.


The bed for Master Wu. The blanket can be flipped up.


Stickers applied. 2728

Let’s have a cup of tea.


Getting the base for the dragon heads.


Trading cards for the Ninja.


Decorative part for the side of the boat.


This reminds me of Final Flight of Destiny Bounty.


This is how you make a dragon, a ice cream, a banana plus some parts…4445

The jaw could be lower further but the dragon would look dumb if the mouth was wide open.

47Lego 70618 Destiny Bounty

Bamboo art pieces.


Training room for the Ninjas.


Training room added to the deck.


Time for the third floor of the boat.


Compass for navigation.


A map pointing to a destiny unknown..


Raising the red lanterns.


The roof of the boat resemble Chinese Junk.


What a big gap, pretty sure the rain would get in.


Buoys to line up at the side of the boat.


Let’s go fishing.


First mast and sail up.


Lego 70618 Destiny Bounty which based on design of a Chinese Junk.

Lego 70618 Destiny's Bounty Ninjago Movie

Minifigures from the set.


Lots of red lanterns hanging around. This looks more Chinese than Japanese.

7273Lego 70618 Destiny Bounty75

Size comparison with Metalbeard’s Sea Cow.

Lego 70618 Destiny's Bounty and Lego 70810 Metalbeard's Sea Cow

Sea Cow is longer and taller.


The back of both ships had similar designs.


No doubt this is a great looking set by Lego. The set would appeal to Modular Building fans as it had elaborate interior design like bathroom, bedroom and training room. Collectors of ship would love the Chinese Junk lookalike Destiny Bounty. Nevertheless the fans of Ninjago would get their hands on it as well. The only complaint is the price here in China. How could Lego made us pay 75% more than the American? And this is coming straight from Jiaxing in Zhejiang.

Hope you enjoy our reviews. Would this be our last review on Lego? Well, we enjoy all bricks, be it Danish, Canadian, Korean or Chinese made.

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