Lepin Technic Fast & Furious MOC Competition Result!!

The most hated company by Lego purist aka Lepin held a competition calling for Technic MOC with title “Fast & Furious”. Of course the entries had nothing to do with the movie starring Van Diesel. The results were announced in 6/23/2017. There are 1x Grand prize winner, 2x runner-up, 3x second runner-up, 10 short-listed prizes and 5 consolation prizes. The Grand prize winner would get to chose 12 x Lepin sets of his choice. Runner up would have 8x Lepin sets while second runner-up would get 4 x Lepin sets. As of the time of this posts all the winners had received their prizes. Lepin held another competition on “City Dreamer Street View MOC” before this and two of the entries had been selected for released by Lepin and Xingbao respectively (with proper compensation to the designers). We may get to see some of the Technic MOC get commercial treatment under Lepin brand or Xingbao soon. All the entries had motor functions and remote control build in. So its not just good looking model but you could play with it.

Grand Prize, CAT 797F mining truck by jaydisson. The mining truck is in minifigure scale. This is the second time jaydisson had won Lepin competition. His consolation prize entry “Bar and Financial Company” is being released as Lepin 15035.

His video submission:

Runner up no. 1, Covini C6W by skyline1100. Italian 2-seat 2-door sports coupé with 6 wheels.
Size comparison with Decool Porsche 911.
Video submission for Covini C6W:

Runner up no. 2, Jeep 6×6 by mhjmhj2000
size comparison with Lepin 4×4 Crawler Exclusive edition.


Second runner-up no. 1, Mercedez-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 by 青蛙卖池塘
Second runner-up no. 2, Super Asurada AKF-11 by 会爬树的猪仔唛
Second runner-up no. 3, Jeep 4×4 by ⒏冄3o號

Lepin is actively courting talented designers for future commercial sets to be released under “Lepin” and “Xingbao” brand. Still, Lepin continued to copy designs from Lego and produce counterfeit sets. But we do feel it’s a right direction for Lepin to court designers  and compensate them accordingly for new releases.

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