Review of Lepin 37003 NASA Apollo Saturn V Counterfeit of Lego 21309

Originally this was posted on the deleted Facebook page of CMI. Because it was gone, we reckon for the sake of fans we just post on our blog . The official release date of Lego 21309 Saturn V was June 1st 2017, but Lepin managed to release the clone version one week ahead in China. Either it was an inside job that someone leaked the part list and instruction manual to Lepin, or it managed to get the set ahead of release date by being a Lego VIP member. Anyway, let’s take a look at the Lepin Saturn V rocket.

The box. Notice Lepin had higher piece counts.

Lepin 37003 NASA Apollo Saturn V

Back of the box.

Lepin 37003 NASA Apollo Saturn V

Thick instruction manual.


Lepin had numbered bags to help with building process.


We are going to skip detail building process. Just showing some steps. Lepin didn’t change USA to USSR, CCCP and switch the American flags to Russian or Chinese flags. The printing on the wording and the flags were sharp and crisps.

The boosters.



Separation of different stages of the rocket.


The three stages of the rockets.


Time to go for moon walk. The printing on the hatch was misaligned, otherwise this set would be perfect! And the nano astronauts were as good as you would expect from Lepin 37003 set.





Saturn V rocket was taller than the Tower of Orthanc. Using the fridge as height comparison. You may order Lepin 37003 at Aliexpress.

Considering the rocket was sold out online and at physical shop. Perhaps getting a fake rocket wasn’t a bad idea.



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