Customize Minifigures Intelligence Facebook Page Gone for Good!!

[Update 8/25/2017] Our reborn CMI facebook page gone again. Looks like returning to facebook is no longer viable option. We would slowly republish our past reviews in wordpress. However reviewing latest Lepin products which is still sold by Lego would be no go!
[Update 6/26/2017] We start a new CMI facebook page.

Hope this don’t get shut down.

Dear fans of Customize Minifigures Intelligence,

Most of you would have seen this notice when accessing our facebook page.


It’s true that our facebook page has been removed for violating copyrights of a Danish bricks maker. We aren’t surprised at all. In fact we expected this day to come sooner or later. For the past three years we have been posting news, reviews on China clone bricks. Some of you found our posting insightful, while certain parties found them distasteful. On behalf of CMI, thank you very much for following us!

What would be our next steps? We received requests to create another page and continue our coverage. However, at this point of time we aren’t entirely sure of our future direction. We would take a break from reviewing China clone bricks sets for the time being.

On side note, we have this message for community of AFOL. People bought China made counterfeit sets made by brands such as Lepin, Lele, SY and Bela for various reason. The buyers are fully aware that these companies are infringing the copyrights of Danish maker. However, not everyone could afford Danish bricks in China and many parts of Asia. Perhaps buying a counterfeit set would be temporary solution so they could experience the joy of bricks building.

Still, the market offered many choices. Beside Danish, there are a dozen of bricks makers in China. Among them, brand like Star Diamond did the right things by securing proper licensing and copyrights. Brands such as Sluban, Enlighten and Gudi designed their own sets. In the mean time, Lepin, Bela and Sheng Yuan are playing both cards by releasing sets under sub brands that featured own design and characters while cloning Danish bricks. These companies still couldn’t hold a candle to Danish brick in terms of designs and parts quality. However, they are catching up. One day, these brands would present affordable alternatives to Danish bricks.

As always, do support the originals if you could. As whether we could make a come back, we are still deliberating on it. Again, many thanks for following us over the last three years! Happy brick building!!

Best Regards,

Customize Minifigures Intelligence


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