Review of Lepin 17006 Ole Kirk’s House Bootleg of Lego 4000007

Lepin had no shame when cloning set from Lego. Don’t they realize this is house of Ole Kirk, the founder of Lego? What a ultimate blasphemy. The set was originally given to Lego employees as Christmas present during 2012. Lepin 17006 was a replica of Lego 4000007 and below is a review of it.

The Lepin box copied the original design, with the logo and serial number changed. The back of the box had old photo of the house and photograph of the family. The set came in 20 bags of parts.

Lepin 17006 Ole Kirk's House Bootleg of Lego 400000724

The sticker read “Lepin”. The original is “Lego”. The base plate warp at the corner. However as the build progress it managed to level off. The house had no interior fitting, as this is the older design of Lego, unlike those newer modular building.

Very bare interior. It would be great if a minifig of Ole was available, showing him doing some carpentry work.


President Business came to inspect the build. Notice the house wasn’t minfigure scale. The door had two lions, see whether you could imagine it.


President Business: “I want Danish bricks, why do you give me Chinese bricks?”


There shall be a signage here warning people this is Lepin, not Lego.


Lepin had claimed the Ole Kirk’s house as their own. It reads “Fabriken Lepin”. Lego fans would vomit blood seeing this.


Lepin’s Ole Kirk House is completed. Let’s hold a party to celebrate.

President Business: “I am speechless, this is totally unacceptable for Lepin to clone Ole Kirk’s House. See you in court Lepin!”

Black Widow tried to sneak in from the back of the house.


Santa on the roof, waiting to deliver Lego toys .


Though Lego fans would see red over this. Overall Lepin is doing a great job bootlegging this set. You can order Lepin version of Ole Kirk’s House from Aliexpress.

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