Review of Pogo PG931 Smaug (Lego 79018)

It took Pogo six months to get the bootleg Smaug right. No small feat for a small workshop in Zhejiang. Pogo had to create new molds for Smaug, and some of which may not be reused in future release. The red colour of Pogo Smaug is lighter compared to Lego one. The golden scales aren’t as shiny as the genuine. The wings are rubbery, just like Lego and could be folded. You could find excess on the molding lines, the the “breathing fire” piece is easily drop from the mouth. The transaction on bricklink showed the dragon fetch over USD100 while you could get Smaug for under USD20 on Aliexpress.

POGO PG931 Smaug
Pogo PG931 Smaug Lego 79018 Smaug
Ball joints of the wings are working.
Semi translucent wings.

Smaug fighting Scurrier from Nexo Knight.

Sharp printing of scales on the chest and belly.
Fordable wings! Look at the size of Smaug
Perching on Cafe Corner and terrorizing the residents of Lepin town.
Pogo PG931 Smaug Lego 79018 Smaug

You could order Pogo PG931 Smaug from Aliexpress.

You will take nothing from me, Dwarf. I layed low on your warriors of old. I instilled terror in the hearts of men. I am King under the Mountain.

―Smaug in The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

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