Review of Decool 7111 Clone of Batman Tumbler Lego UCS 76023

Update 26/03/2017: Decool had a upgraded version for Batman Tumbler which had extra three minifigures plus a jail room. Apparently this is to counter Lepin 07060 Batman Tumbler. Lepin had started to clone those Batman sets that Decool had bootlegged before. Well, competition is always good for customers.

The jail rooms had Bane, Joker and Cat Woman. Decool gave different hair piece for Joker.

This was the first Lego UCS clone for Decool and also the first UCS set among all the bootleg makers in China. Remember this was before the rise of Lepin. Decool sorted the parts in six boxes and the building process followed the numbering order. The Batman and Joker minifigures are perfect replica of the original. Didn’t encounter any problem of missing parts during the build, unlike Lepin. No smelly rubber tyres but molding line is visible. Highly recommend set as the original Lego UCS Batman Tumbler had been retired. Order Decool 7111 on Aliexpress.

Normal mode of the Tumbler.

Decool 7111 Batman Tumbler Lego UCS 76023

Battle mode for the Tumbler. Decool 7111 Batman Tumbler Lego UCS 76023

View from the back. decool-7111c

Stickers for the dashboard and the fact sheet. The fact sheet has “Super Heroes” instead of Wayne Industries. Order Decool 7111 Batman Tumblerdecool-7111d


  1. Hi, how’s the quality of the tyres? Do the wheels feel wobbly when you push the bat tumbler around? Thinking of getting this set after seeing your review 🙂


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