Review of Lepin 17001 Taj Mahal Bootleg of Lego 10189

[Updated 26/12/2016] Lepin had a bootleg version of Lego 10189 Taj Mahal which had retired since 2011. The famous Taj Mahal of India is well known all over the world for its incredible beauty and elegance. Now the China bootlegger Lepin managed to bring back the retired set as Lepin 17001.  Lepin didn’t promise 100% replication but the outer appearance looks identical. Note that the Taj Mahal was the largest set by brick counts from Lego. Given the hefty price the original fetch in after market, perhaps getting a bootleg one isn’t a bad choice financially. You could order Lepin 17001 Taj Mahal from Aliexpress.

This is how it looks from the instruction manual. We can see it’s lots of repetitive works.

Enter a caption

Repeatedly adding the same tiles again and again.


The base plate warped at the corner after adding all the tiles.



Done two, two more to go. Same process over and over again! lepin-17001e


The square is done and time to get the four towers up.

The onion dome of Taj Mahal.


The structures to support the onion dome.


Lepin 17001 Taj Mahal done. Now where shall I display it? Lepin is releasing the sets faster than my cabinet could accommodate.


 Majestic view of Lepin 17001 Taj Mahal. Lepin 17001 Taj Mahal Lego 1018911Lepin 17001 Taj Mahal Lego 10189

Size comparison between Lepin Taj Mahal and the Lepin 05026 UCS Death Star II.

Lepin 17001 Taj Mahal Lego 10189

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