POGO Assassin’s Creed Minifigures

【Updated Dec 23 2016]


Assassin’s Creed minifigures are one of the highly anticipated releases by Pogo’s fans. The rogue hood and the hidden blade are copied from BrickWarriors. Kenway appeared to be of Phoenix Customs design. I have no idea about the rest. The minifigures can be ordered from Aliexpress individually. Below some photos of the minifigures.

PG944 Kenway With rogue hood and hidden blade that Pogo copied from BrickWarriors. This is the only one that has printing on both arms.

PG945 Firenze

PG946 Dorian
PG947 Firenze
PG948 Cormac
PG949 Dorian
Those of you who bought Pogo’s minifigures before would know the QC is lacking sometime. Molding lines could be visible on the hood, and excess bit appeared on some of the hidden blade. However it’s still affordable compared with paying top dollars for a customs make minifigures. Order Pogo Assassin Creed Minifigs from Aliexpress.


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