POGO Minifigures for Lord of the Ring, Hobbits Army Building

Below are photos of Battle of Helm’s Deep that made out of 15,000 Lego bricks and 1700 minifigures. It was a massive built by goelkim2011 back in 2013. If we were to recreate it using genuine Lego minifigures it would burn a big “hole” in our pocket. Thanks to Pogo we could army build Rohan soldiers and Elven army.

Pogo had released two rounds of Hobbits/Lord of the Rings minifigures so far.

Available for single sales. First up is the Rohan army.
PG502 Eomer or Rohan Calvary
PG503 Rohan Archer
PG501 King Theoden

For Elven army, Haldir and Elrond are top choices to build Elven army with armors. Just that no one had released a helmet that closely resemble the movie version.
PG509 Haldir
Only problem is the bow is the one used by Hawkeye, not the medieval one.
PG516 Elrond
PG513 Legolas (LOTR)
PG514 Mirkwood Elf with hood.
Nice to have army of Elven archers. Just pretend they are not Legolas.
Elven army.jpg

Beside Pogo, Xinh also released LOTR minifigures. You may find a mix of Pogo and Xinh minifigures for single sale.

Below is what Pogo planned to release in coming days. No purchase link available as of now. I would update as and when they are available. A great way to army build the Uruk Hai, Mordor Orc and the Undead. Pogo shall have include horses for the Ring Wraith. Well, you could always buy horses on Aliexpress. I would expect the fourth round would be the dwarf.
If you guys ever recreate the 1700 minifigures Battle of Helm Deep scene, do let me know ya.

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