Review of Lepin 22001 Imperial Flagship Fake of Lego 10210

This is reincarnation of discontinued Lego 10210 Imperial Flagship in Chinese knockoff forms. You can check out video reviews done by CaptainPirateMan. The verdict is that the use of thin fabric for the sails kind of let down. Otherwise a great set for display and collect dust in place of retired original Lego set. You can order Lepin 10210 at Aliexpress.

Thin fabric used for the sail.


The red coats. If you need more you can buy the Pogo Imperial Red Coats.


Captain, Pirates and daughter of the governor.


Sailing and looking out for the pirates.


Lepin is doing the same thing, only one side of the ship had the cannons. You could get more cannons from Aliexpress.


The ship make great display set. You can order Lepin 22001 Imperial Flagship from Aliexpress.

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