Review of Lepin 05033 Bootleg version of Lego 10179 UCS Millennium Falcon

[Update Nov 11 2017] Click here for the review on Lepin 05132 which is the 2017 version of the UCS MF.

When Lepin cloned the Lego 10179 UCS Millennium Falcon, it created a stir in Lego collectors circle. Poor AFOL who can’t afford the sky high original set finally had a chance to own the coveted set though it is a knockoff version. The price of original set started to fall as well. Lepin didn’t advertise the set as 100% replication, we can’t tell which steps or parts they have changed. It’s simply too big to be accounted for every steps and parts. A dream come true for many of you out there. Order Lepin 05033 UCS MF from Aliexpress.

The box of Lepin 05033 Millennium Falcon


The set had four inner boxes of parts without any numbering bags! It would take a while to sort all the parts out.

A ring bind instruction manual.

Lepin 05033_6

Sticker for the UCS MF which reads Star Wnrs. You could replaced it with one that custom made in Ebay. Lepin 05033_7

The minifigures. They are horrible and could head straight to the bin. Alternative would be Pogo Star Wars minifigs. 

Lepin 05033_26

Lepin 05033_27

Building the MF. The technic parts by Lepin are quite stiff. If you have plenty of spare Lego ones, you could substitute them and make the building process a bit easier. Lepin 05033_11

If you are good with LED kit perhaps you could add lighting here to simulate MF in flying.

Lepin 05033_12

Landing gears. Lepin 05033_17Lepin 05033_18

Completed Lepin 05033 Millennium Falcon.

Lepin 05033 UCS Millenium Falcon Complete Model Fake of Lego 10179

This radar dish cost a bomb in bricklink. However Lepin version is not the full size.


A bit squeeze here but the cockpit could sit four minifigures.

Lepin 05033_28

No clear parts to cover the cockpit.

Lepin 05033_29

Turrets on top of MF.

Lepin 05033_30

Lepin 05033_20

Lots of detailing to make the ship look “busy”.Lepin 05033 UCS Millenium Falcon Fake of Lego 10179Lepin 05033_22

Lepin 05033_31Lepin 05033_32Lepin 05033 Fake of Lego 10179 UCS Millennium FalconLepin 05033_34

Lepin 05033_35Lepin 05033_36

Top view of the Lepin 05033 Millennium Falcon. If you don’t mind owning a KO version of the UCS Millennium Falcon, this is for you. Great for display and collecting wow wow from the visitors. You may order Lepin 05033 from Aliexpress. Happy building.

Lepin 05033 UCS Millenium Falcon Complete Model Fake of Lego 10179

[Update Nov 11 2017] You may check out Lepin 05132 which is KO version of Lego 75192 the new 2017 UCS Millennium Falcon.


      • Ok. So It finally arrived yesterday. I found some of the missing pieces of your review thrown directly in the box so, hopefully, everything is there.
        I think I wont count the pieces now but will write here when I finish the building. I thint that, although there may be some wrong pieces and there might be some missing, Lepin has done something quite impressing Quality isnt as bad as some people say. Its not Lego, but Its the best option to get all this old sets Lego doesn’t sell us.


  1. My Lepin MF just arrived from China. I’m counting all the pieces before I start the build. I am very impressed with the quality. I would not normally buy illegal products, but the cost of a genuine MF is so ridiculous. If Lego reissued this set they could solve the problem of pirate copies but until then………..


  2. I wrote a prebuild review of this kit in October. I have now built the kit and can tell everyone that the model is proudly displayed in a closed box in my basement. The set is not worth buying. I bought it for the reason that I will never be able to afford the real UCS set, but the build experience was so unsatisfying that as a true Lego fan I have to warn others to steer clear. The biggest problem was that the pieces do not hold together. I had to use glue to keep it together! Also the different types of plastic used in a true Lego set are not present. Lego spends a lot of time and money researching their products, and judging by the quality of the Lepin parts their R&D budget must be minimal. I will never buy cheap Lego counterfeits again. Real Lego for me. If you are tempted, don’t bother, you won’t enjoy the experience. Buy some real Lego instead!


  3. Hi.
    There are few reviews of this clone and this is one of the places I found most valuable in terms of honesty when reviewing clones.
    I ordered one of this UCS MF with many doubts about many things; Missing pieces, heavy weight, possible breaking modules due to Lepin bad clutch and Lego old design standards… but…
    But I ordered it. And I think it was a great idea.
    Contrary to the previous comment I think the set is worth the money if you are thinking of it as a display model. I´m not going to talk about prices and Lego scalpers. Let´s put it simple. This set is unaffordable for most of the mortals. But it´s de MF, and it´s beautiful in it´s quite special way.
    About the clutch and falling parts. There are many people out there talking about this. And they are wrong. You have to be very careful when building this set, but the reason is the Lego original design. I didn´t found any problem whom wasn´t originated by the Lego design (as it was mentioned here in this review). I only had to glue two of the seven legs of this monstruosity. The rest fits simply fine and I´m quite sure that Lego brick quality, which of course I recognize, could add more sturdiness to this set.
    So, just as a simple review. If you plan to buy this take care when building. You have to do it slow, and do it well. Lepin doesn´t fit as perfect as Lego, but with enough pressure and a good building practices, it stands perfectly.


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