Review of Lepin 05035 Death Star Clone of Lego 10188

This is the clone of discontinued Lego 10188 Star Wars Death Star. You could order Lepin 05035 Death Star at Aliexpress. I would said the new Death Star II is way better than this one.  For those of you who had missed out the first Death Star, perhaps this is not a bad choice. Because this is the early set of Lepin, expect no number bags and lots of time sorting the parts. Though Lepin promised 100% replication, there are still changes in the parts. For example Luke Skywalker got a feminine look hair piece.




Luke looks so girlish with the new hair style.




You may order Lepin 05035 Death Star I from Aliexpress.

One comment

  1. Hello again! It may be a little selfish but could you show me the detailed review of this (Lepin 05035) and your latest review on Lepin 15008B (lighted Green Grocer) please?
    I had to leave a comment because I do not have your contacts (email etc).
    As always, thank you very much. (:


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