Pogo 635 Bootleg Queen Amidala Minifigure

Can you tell the difference? Which one is bootleg? Pogo is a bootleg minifigure manufacturer located at the same province as Lego factory in China. PG-635 is their clone of Lego Queen Amidala minifigure.

Close examination of Pogo Amidala minifig reveals poor paint job of the head gear. The gold paint overlapped with paints at other area. Also the red strip in the middle of the head gear run from the top to the forehead While the Lego version had a red jewel in the forehead. Not much to complaint about as it’s priced competitively for collectors. You may order from Aliexpress.


For the first photo, the answer is left is Pogo, while the one on the right is Lego.

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