Review of Lepin 16006 The Black Pearl Bootleg of Lego 4184

Shiver me timbers! This was the first bootleg pirates ship by Lepin, a knock off version of Lego 4184 Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl. Lepin released the set during September 2016. This is the rewritten version of the original review that we posted in the now deleted Facebook Page. Lepin 16006 Black Pearl is available on Aliexpress.

We aren’t entirely sure whether Lepin had made any improvements on the ship as the review photos were taken in Sept. 2016. So the issues encounter for the set still count.

Open box of the Lepin 16006. No number bags, all the parts must be sorted manually.

Lepin 16006_001Lepin 16006_002Lepin 16006_005Lepin 16006_003

Biggest grief of this set, the sails with lots of creases. This was due to low quality cloth used in making the sail. Ironing and starching would remove the crease. Get your mum to help if you never did ironing before.

Lepin 16006_004

Because this set was the early work of Lepin, you could pretty much throw the minifigures away as the quality wasn’t that good. One solution is to get the Pogo brand Pirates minifigures.

Lepin 16006 The Black Pearl Bootleg of Lego 4184

About the build, quality of the basic bricks were of high quality. Though no number bags mean more time spend on sorting the parts.

Lepin 16006_006Lepin 16006_007Lepin 16006_008

Printed map.

Lepin 16006_009

The biggest grief is the misaligned mast. You may not notice from viewing from the side. However, viewing from top expose a serious problem. Due to the connector and axle hole aren’t in straight line. The mast would be twisted to one side.

Lepin 16006_010Lepin 16006_011Lepin 16006_012

Now you could see the problem clearly.

Lepin 16006_013Lepin 16006_014

Lepin’s red axle pins are slightly longer. The solution is to cut the tip off a bit. Those new set released in 2017 had rectified the issue. However, many sets produced in 2016 which used lots of Technic parts encountered similar issues.

Lepin 16006_031Lepin 16006_030

Let’s take a look at the Lepin16006 The Black Pearl.

Lepin 16006_017Lepin 16006_018Lepin 16006_019Lepin 16006_020Lepin 16006_021Lepin 16006_022Lepin 16006_023Lepin 16006_024Lepin 16006_025Lepin 16006_026Lepin 16006_027Lepin 16006_028Lepin 16006_032Lepin 16006_033Lepin 16006 The Black Pearl Bootleg of Lego 4184

We leave the sails as they were without ironing. Once you iron the sails, it would look ok. It’s a great alternative without paying a hefty price for the retired original Black Pearl. You could order Lepin 16006 The Black Pearl at Aliexpress.

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