Review of Lepin 07043 The SHIELD Helicarrier Bootleg of Lego 76042

Review of LEPIN 07043 SHIELD Helicarrier

[Update 04/01/2019] From the end of 2018, LEPIN is slowly re-released many sets and upgraded them with numbering bags and full replication of parts. The older sets released back in 2016 had no numbering bags and had parts swapped. LEPIN 07043 SHIELD Helicarrier is a clone set of LEGO 76042 which has been discontinued at end November 2017. Photos in this reviews are courtesy of CK.

LEPIN used “Super Escort” for the name instead of Super Heroes. As usual the part counts were inflated. The original LEGO set had 2996 parts while bootleg version had 3057 pieces. For those who ordered from Aliexpress, usually it won’t ship with the box. Also get sellers to send you the new release version which had numbering bags.

LEPIN 07043 The SHIELD Helicarrier bootleg of LEGO 76042

Came in two big inner boxes.

A thick manual. However some part of the manual don’t have accurate colors and caused confusion during building.

The stickers might had minor color difference to the parts.

Building in progress, make sure you double confirmed the parts before assembling. There were time we got the technics pin wrong thanks to inaccurate colors in the manual.

Almost done, just need to get the miniature version of vehicles and aircraft in.

The Minifigures and Nanofigures

The set came with 5 minifigures and 12 nanofigures. The nanofigures basically were trophies or statuettes. Maria Hill got a different hair piece compared to the original. Other than that, the minifigures and nanofigures had good quality printing though not on the same league as those figures from Sheng Yuan. Still, they were way better than those released back in 2016. The minifigures could be display together with a stand with the SHIELD emblem.

LEPIN 07043 minifigures stand

Nanofigures or trophies of Captain America, Nick Fury, Iron Man and Hawkeye.

Shield agents on board.

Quinjets, fighter jets were all being shrunk in size. One may said these were work of Ant-man.

Multiple angle views of the LEPIN Helicarrier.

LEPIN 07043 clone of LEGO 76042 SHIELD Helicarrier

Very detail printed plates of runway.

The agents are on lunch break, no one manning the terminals.

The bridge.

This is the handler for you to rotate the rotors.

The Avenger on the sticker is missing a “S”.

Lepin 07043 The SHIELD Helicarrier

In conclusion, LEPIN had did a great service by offering upgraded version of The SHIELD Helicarrier set. Quality wise, it seem the parts were coming from the new molds and had better quality compared to older release. Because the original LEGO 76042 set had been discontinued, LEPIN clone version is cheaper way to add the Helicarrier to your collection. Still, do support the original if you could. You may order LEPIN 07043 The SHIELD Helicarrier from Aliexpress.

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