Review of Lepin 15007 Market Street Bootleg of Lego 10190

Lepin 15007A

[Update 8/31/2017]. Due to close down of our Facebook page, the review posted there was no longer available. We would try our best to restore the review here sometime in future. Check out review of Lepin 15007 Market Street. It’s not a perfect replica of Lego 10190 Market Street though. You may order Lepin 15007 on Aliexpress.


  1. I recently got this set but it was missing bag #23 (minifigure torsos, owl figure, clone arms, etc). What would my chances be of getting Lepin to send me that bag of parts if I could track down their email address?


      • I contacted the seller and got this response:

        “Sorry for this issue.
        It’s not lego, so its quality not as good as lego.
        This is a big set, Contains 3000 parts, This is a huge project, so the factory made a mistake in the production. The lack of the parts are LEPIN common problem.
        But the price is very low,our profit is also very few,our profit only $4
        You are a lego collector, maybe you have spare parts can be replaced.
        We are willing to offer you a discount of $2 when you next time buy toys in our store.”


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